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Someone else agrees with my recipe for personal understanding, inner peace and contentment.

Great webcomic too! Loads of dead tree press and goodies available, definitely worth 2 minutes of your time… especially the geeks and gamers amongst you!

A change from the usual vitriol…

It appears the bleak visions of streets patrolled by Judges and citizens lving out their lives in huge Citi-Blocks have moved a step closer according to the UN. Sino-City Two, or Hong Kong-Shenhzen-Guangzhou region in China is already displaying the features of a Mega-City with other regions close behind, such as Japan (Hondo-City)and Brazil (Brasilia) and developing areas in India (Nu-Delhi) and West Africa (Pan-Africa)

Surely it is only a matter of time before we establish Brit-Cit and Cal-Hab and do away with politicians?

I’ve been surfing the net for some online comics of late, there’s some great work out there for pretty much any taste (and some that really shouldn’t be!) But, here’s a few that have really caught my eye and I heartily recommend you give them a few minutes of your time. It’s got to be better than reading about politicians for a bit hasn’t it?

First up, The order of the stick, a witty look at role play games, and certainly more like how they end up as opposed to how they were supposed to end up!

Next, The Unspeakable Vault of Doom, Lovecraftian humour at it’s finest

Still on the Lovecraft theme is Lovecraft is missing, atmospheric and innovative. Leaves you wanting to know what’s going to happen next!

My newest find, FreakAngels, a post apocalyptic world, troubles aplenty, weirdness abounds, and addictive as anything.. you have been warned!

I’ll post more as I find them, please send me links to any that you’re particularly impressed with and you never know I might include them!