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OK, harsh language warning here. Not sure I will contain my self.

Try watching this.

Pretty batshit crazy yep? All that science guff is just plain wrong apparently. All that physics shit, and biology that’s obviously wrong. Chemistry? nah don’t need it. Medicine as it is based on all sciences is just secondary bullshit for witchdoctors then. Evolution? The work of satan.

as he unequivocably states in the vid
“God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology, Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell,”

Bad enough he is destroying minds, communicating some sort of verbal pathogen that prevents conscious thought and inquiry. Bad enough that gullible people are not protected from his propaganda. But he is in fact a senator of the committee for Science and Technology. You did not read that wrong. Science and technology. The spending power of the US on matters of Science and Tech is in the hands of this fuckwit.

What next? Abu Hamza to return and be put in charge of airport security?

How can someone using a microphone, electricity and TV calmly and seriously espouse that all science is shit and we are on a ball of rock a mere 9000 years old and all put here by a being that now refuses to show himself.

Has he had a stroke or some such unfortunate incident that renders his cerebral faculties to those of a fucking badger after it’s been hit by an 18 wheeler? It can only be something like that. Earth? took just 6 days. Fossils were put there for a laugh obviously and all you engineers? you’re fucked as PI is in fact three.(1 Kings 7:23)

I love that these nutjobs laugh at evolution and the idea that traits are passed on. Wonder what he would say if Mrs Whackjob presented him a mixed race baby and claimed it’s his – just “the lord works in mysterious ways” I suspect he might ask science for a DNA test a bit fucking sharpish.

Or all that other science crap. You know the geology one that finds oil to pay for the companies that pay for his brown envelopes?

or all the bio-chemistry that provides all the drugs he’ll use to put off joining his fantastic fairly tale ever after land?

Think he’s bad? Incidentally, Broun is joined on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee by Todd Akin. He claims that women can control their own bodies in the event of being raped to stop getting pregnant by their attackers. So any baby that results is obviously one they are responsible for… and of course abortion doctors carry out the procedures on women who aren’t in fact pregnant.

Religion is like polonium 210. There is no safe level. It is all toxic to your well being and has no place in a civilised world.

But watch who you talk about!

Offensive on twitter and facebook about lost children? 3 months jailtime.

Celebrate 6 soldiers deaths and call for more of them to actually be murdered? Community service…

So if you’re offended by anything, not only can you write to points of view, or worst case a strongly worded letter to the Times. Now you can get the perpetrator locked up. Unless of course they pick on the forces. We all know they’re considered fair game.

Political brouhaha of the day is Cleggs draft speech on gay marriage. Allegedly it was to contain the lines

Continued trouble in the economy gives the bigots a stick to beat us with, as they demand we “postpone” the equalities agenda in order to deal with “the things people really care about”. As if pursuing greater equality and fixing the economy simply cannot happen at once

According to the Beeb Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey said the remarks were “very offensive” and continued

…If he persists in taking that view I and others would be very offended…To be called a bigot is a very offensive statement and I would ask him to recall it…because there are issues here that demand very serious debate

So an ex unelected head of a tax avoiding private members club that wishes to impose it’s views and culture on others objects to being called a bigot?

I think I’ve got news for him. Websters defines bigot as;

a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

I think seeking to prevent an entire group of the population to call their social partnering marriage on the grounds of a collection of fairy tales which is by no means universally regarded and has no place in law qualifies as obstinate intolerance.

In which case he is a fucking bigot with bells on. He should feel free to be as offended as he likes, much as I am sure many in the gay community do at the pronouncements of the sanctimonious self appointed keeper of morals.

Now if only Clegg had the balls to see it through, he may just have won some respect for having convictions.

OK, so whilst having the utmost respect for the nasty and necessary job the boys in blue do, it is no secret that my opinion of the leadership of Cleveland Police is along the lines of corrupt Keystone Cops.

So this week the local Judiciary have been joining in the fray!

First up, the Deupty Chief Constable suspended on full pay now for over 12 months has a good whine about how tough it has been being on bail for corruption. Never mind the fact that plenty of people are remanded in jail and then found innocent. Oh no he has it far worse. he had to cope with a level shame, no doubt brought about by the 7 allegation of fraud and corruption he is facing as part of an investigation being led by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Then a local judge says “It takes courage to burgle someone’s home”. (Obviously in future now home-owners are getting tooled up it may well do…)

Judge Peter Bowers decided that Richard Rochford, 26, had been “harmed by prison” and “I think prison very rarely does anybody any good,”

Why is this cretin allowed to sit on a judges bench? What sort of imbecile gets to decide, or what evidence is he blackmailing someone with to keep this job?

In case you think it is all a misunderstanding. Apparently the liitle darling was “harmed” when he acquired a drug habit (not his own fault naturally) whilst serving 3 years for arson and reckless and possible endangerment of life. Not of an empty building but of his girlfriend, Helen Wards house at the time (who was thick enough to take him back). they have of course since shit out some spawn which in due course will no doubt become the proud owner of an ASBO, drug habit, criminal record and more benefits than you and I can name. Again the arson was a misunderstanding according to the dumb bint. As she says “I knew there was absolutely no way he would do it”. Apart from soaking the place in petrol and lighting a paper then dropping it in aforementioned petrol that is…

That relationship was so successful that it was a different woman Amy Kyme who stood lookout for him whilst committing a string of burglaries. Just shows what good judge of character these stupid women are. Her brief Peter Wishlade, defended her by saying she had no previous convictions, said she was “distinctly remorseful” and unlikely to end up in court again. No doubt because despite already having one child in her care, and and managing to be spawning again she went on a burgalry spree and developed a drug habit, obviously making her a reliable character?

Why bother? If you are scum enough and laugh at the law there are little if any repercussions. Better if you catch a burglar to do us all a favour and shoot them, and don’t aim for the legs.

This idiot of a judge has even made me inclined to agree with a politician, although I suspect his version of self defence and mine may differ by quite a bit.. After agreeing with a politician I feel soiled and degraded and need a shower.

The Downing Street work experience lad has been spouting off again. Apparently the wealthy need to pay a bucket more tax to solve the crippling debt the politicians caused to buy the feckless idle bastards votes.

He neglects to mention his definition of wealthy, I suspect it will not include politicians, footballers and those with millions enough to enable them to come to arrangements with the HMRC. It may I suspect include you if you inherit grannys house, or manage to scrape a living wage above the maximum state benefit level.

Want something to make it feel better? How about this. In the 25 years the Kinnocks have in the EU between them the troughing scum have pocketed £10,000,000 between them in pay and perks. Ten fucking million. They amounted to nothing except a drain on the public purse over here, so they were rewarded by being sent to the mother of all troughs to fill their piggy paws with as much tax as possible. They have contributed nothing to this world and it will be a better place without them.

Quick sums for you. £10 million over a combined 25 years, means they needed to entire tax contribution of 65 working people at the average 2011 wage (£26,052) just to keep these pampered porkers in enough swill.

Would you like to guess what “profession” their useless spawn married his way into?

Wonder why I hate politicians?

Good article on reuters discussing quantative easing (QE). To you and me, that is the central bank simply printing money.

The Telegraph carries comments from members past and present of the monetary policy committee describing the haphazard and ineffective approach the Bank Of England has taken to the subject. The main problem being that in releasing some £375bn (yes, billions) of cheap money to the financial sector the banks have simply hoarded it to use as cheap capital to underwrite all their previous bad decisions. Preventing the cash from having the boost effect to the economy it was intended to in order to lift the UK economic prospects for growth

The Reuters article argues that since giving this money to banks does not work, why not give it to the people?

It lists several arguments against. Chiefly that people will exhibit the same behaviour as banks and hoard it, or that it will act against the requirement for moral hazard when making spending decisions.

The first argument ignores the fact that in saving the money populations will significantly reduce their debt levels, increases banks capital and free up marginal incomes for spending. Thereby encouraging growth and reducing the overall debt burden. The hoped for effects by a circuitous route.

The second, regarding moral hazard could be valid.

So I propose amending the idea. Instead of simply handing out the cash, use it to cancel all lower rate income tax for a year.

Think about that. No-one pays lower rate income tax. For a year. What you earn you keep.

Expensive? Certainly. But since we have already handed out £375bn to bankers who have track records for being lying thieving amoral scum why not simply leave the money with people who earn it to spend? Surprisingly it would be cheaper as well. According to HMRC income tax yielded £283bn between PAYE and general income tax last year.

Lower rate taxes are far more likely to be used to reduce household debt and get spent on goods. The feel-good factor would also permeate society; the largest impact would be to improve the lot of those in low paid work where the relative gains would be largest.

It would also not benefit those who make no financial contribution to the economy. In short, there would be no extra reward for not working.

So, good news for workers, low paid and in turn it would filter through to companies banks. Good news for the exchequer as it’s cheaper than simply throwing it at corrupt banks. Incredibly simple (and therefore cheap) to administrate…

What’s not to like?

North Korea and China must be kicking themselves. All the time, effort and money on censoring the internet and combating twitter. Turns out all you need is some faux outrage caused by a supposedly free media about someone goading an Olympic athlete

Tom Daley, photogenic media darling of the British Olympic team didn’t win. Apparently the media seem to think that the gold was his by rights I think. Anyway, someone known as ‘Rileyy69’ hit twitter and said: “You let your dad down i hope you know that.”

Now bear in mind Daley lost his father last year and is 17. Upsetting? Certainly. Likely to offend? Almost certainly. But worthy of a police investigation, resources and an arrest? Really? Is there really a need to hunt down each and every comment that may cause offense on the internet? Daley is a public figure. He participates in events that he knew would attract media attention. If it comes as a shock that there may be some people willing to wind him up then how the hell did he survive a playground as a kid? Will we be issuing extradition requests for anyone on the internet in foreign countries who say something the Daily Mail finds offensive? When is everyone just going to grow up and get over it?

Meanwhile, some G4S drone spits at and verbally abuses a soldier who is made to cancel leave and fill in for the great cluster fuck that is G4S by doing their job for them, not so much as a caution so far for what is certainly common assault, and possibly worse.

The internet is dying on it’s arse. Enjoy it while you can before it the likes of the drug fueled Menschotron are able to get their way

The government says so.

Ever paid cash in hand for anything? Of course you have. That little job for the garden? Or that quick plumbing fix you needed? A quick spray on the car door where you scraped it? A quick £50 and no receipt?

According to treasury Minister David Gaukes in the Telegraph

“I think it is morally wrong. It is illegal for the plumber but it is pretty implicit in those circumstances that there is a reason why there is a discount for cash. That is a large part of the hidden economy

A heinous crime apparently. However I find it morally repugnant that the cretins in Parliament lied and cheated their way into pocketing vast amounts of these taxes that someone had to actually earn. So how did he vote when we wanted to know what they were doing with our cash?

20 Apr 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Keep disclosure for MPs’ expenses — absent
20 Apr 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Exempt only correspondence — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — That the Question now be proposed – absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Continue to disclose MPs’ correspondence — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Exempt constituents’ letters only — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading absent
30 Apr 2009 MPs’ financial interests — Full and complete registration – absent
30 Apr 2009 MPs’ expenses — No lower limit for declaration – absent

Data from They Work for You and PublicWhip.Org

Curiously quiet on the subject in fact.

I’ll tell you what I find immoral. That an ex-PM shredded documents so they couldn’t be examined. That nepotism runs rife and couples exploited loopholes to pocket £10,000s of extra cash. That some of the bastards outright lied to steal more money. I could go on for ages, if you feel the need to rage then just read this.

So what else did the burbling hypocrite go on about? (and on and on to be honest…)

Where arrangements are artificial, where they are contrived, and designed for the purpose of reducing National Insurance contributions for the employer or the employee, then those artificial arrangements are such that they do constitute tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is tax avoidance

Well yes tax avoidance is tax avoidance. Obviously a genius of the English language there. What it is not is tax evasion. The two things are very different. One is illegal (evasion) , the other is organising your affairs within the law to minimise your tax burden. Given the way the morons piss it away when you do give it to them why wouldn’t you? But from his speech you would imagine that anyone who profits from helping people minimise tax are also repugnant immoral monsters, stealing vital resources from terminally ill orphans and spitting in the faces of pensioners? These worshippers at the altar of mammon such as corporate tax lawyers who help corporations avoid billions in tax.

Someone such as Rachael Gauke in fact. Wife to the aforementioned hypocitical shit spouting piss stain of a public sector leach.

So still feeling bad for paying that gardener in tenners?

Therapy session for me this.

Took Mrs Spider to an art installation at Dunstanburgh Castle last night, great place and interesting piece. Poetry and Art. Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Spider? Poetry? Culture? You never knew did you? (Some pics here if you’re interested)

Anyway. What put a little bit of a dampner on the evening was during the drive home. Well after midnight, no traffic, plodding along in my old wagon past Newcastle when someone decide to chuck a rock at us from a bridge.

Close shave

Missed my windscreen and Mrs Spider by about 2 feet. Or to put it another way (rough maths at 65mph) about 0.02 secs earlier and they would have killed or seriously injured someone.

I’ve no idea why. To be honest I really don’t fucking care. As far as I am concerned someone tried to kill Mrs Spider.

The Police were quick to the scene, no chance of catching anyone mind you once 2 sets of blue disco lights had turned up. But made all the right noises. Apparently they don’t have a history of this problem. Or maybe the fuckers have never managed to hit a car before.

So two things struck me (pardon the pun). One, I am really capable of wanting someone dead. It comes a quite a shock when you really do want it to happen. Not necessarily hurt. Just dead. Ended. No longer a threat to anyone. Anyone who considers this sport is defective and if it were a dog you would have it put down without a second thought. Instead an army of do-gooding shit-stains with guilt issues of their own lay in waiting to make excuses that he wasn’t breast fed enough, or maybe one of his numerous temporary bastard inducing fathers wouldn’t buy him shiny enough trainers. Don’t care. They need to be turned into fertiliser before they hurt someone who isn’t a similar waste of O2. Probably do the planet some good if anyone sharing more than a passing genetic link was as well.

The other thing is how fragile things are and we rarely consider it. I’m glad we had a great evening to balance the event or I really would be a spitting ball of anger still. An hour or so playing with the photos from last night helps you realise which part of the evening was important and you should make memories of. The other should be relegated to that passing thought that occurs to you when hopefully you read about the fuckers being thrown off a similar bridge to meet a sharp and hopefully not too painless end.

0.02 secs. Not much is it? If this provokes anything in you. Let it be a resolution to do something nice with a loved one, and if you see some little shit on a bridge with a rock, maybe mount the pavement briefly. Both make the world a better place.

The advertising, the endless drip of North Korean style you must be happy hysterical propaganda, the relentless stream of (LOCOG approved naturally) advertising.

Now this… You are not even allowed to post a link to their website unless…

Links to the Site. You may create your own link to the Site, provided that your link is in a text-only format. You may not use any link to the Site as a method of creating an unauthorised association between an organisation, business, goods or services and London 2012, and agree that no such link shall portray us or any other official London 2012 organisations (or our or their activities, products or services) in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise objectionable manner. The use of our logo or any other Olympic or London 2012 Mark(s) as a link to the Site is not permitted. View our guidelines on Use of the Games’ Marks.

So no saying nasty things about them ok? Like it’s a colossal waste of our money when we’re broke. That for a glorified egg and spoon jamboree that was supposed to benefit the country it only seems to benefit Coke and MacDonald’s. That it is simply fucking outrageous that troops have lost leave to provide cover for the farce that is the home office and G4S. That from now on I will do my best to avoid any product or service that is an official supporter of the Olympics

Of course I can’t link to their website now so you can find which corporations to avoid for yourself.

I can link here though

And again, it fails because once you are outside the UK their law does not apply to the internet you morons.