Ok, bored with the snow now.

Well, not actually the snow, how can anyone ever get bored with that? It’s fantastic and I’d like plenty more please. What is really hacking me off is the whining.

I’ve taken to listening to BBC Tees on the radio, especially on the daily commute (all 15 mins of it). They do a great job of traffic and travel updates and keeping up to date with the impact of the weather on the region. But today that had some moaning woman, complaining that her bins hadn’t emptied for a while.

Have you looked outside?

What exactly do they expect people to do? The best line was “I think the council are using the snow as a bit of an excuse…”

Yeah right. That’s whats happening. The depot guys fight their way into work at stupid o’clock in the morning and then say “sod it” and drink tea all day whiilst reading the paper.

You stupid thoughtless selfish cow. Who do you think drives the gritters? Who drives the snow plough? Why does everyone expect there to be life as normal? Everything takes longer and requires more planning. They would soon complain if the bin lorry slid into their badly parked cars (because they don’t want to put them on the icy drive) or if their council tax had to fund injury payments to guys injured working into stupid conditions.

Use some common sense. Compact your bin as much as possible, if you can drive and you’re that bothered then take it to the tip. It continues to amaze me that the same people who complain would soon cry about their human rights if they were made to go to work whatever the conditions, or forced to take their brats to school regardless of how long it takes to get there.

People are struggling to cope. The world does not revolve around your own personal needs. Learn to look after yourselves.

And if you’re wondering why Emergency weather plans for councils are not as good as they could be, it’s because the Emergency Planning Officers get shit pay for their job working for an arse of a manager who gives himself pay rises whilst increasing their duty rota commitments and reducing their holidays thanks to a job evaluation by lentil munching socialists designed to keep dinner ladies happy, whilst trying to get uninterested and unhelpful council managers to realise they need to plan for emergency conditions just to help their own departments when the guano hits the fan, but that’s for another rant…

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