I haven’t posted in a while as to be honest I’ve been feeling a bit apathetic about, well, pretty much the world. Nothing changes. Not one thing, and I’m getting convinced nothing will.

Vested interests will conitnue to lobby the powers that be for their own personal ends, regardless of the consequences for others. Just a brief look at the last few weeks of news should convince anyone of this.

Students rampage on the streets to protest the increase on the ceiling of charges universities are allowed to charge. This has been cited as evidence of the younger generations new activist philosphy. Really? Did they campaign for or against hunting? (which saw 400,000 on the streets of London and the cenotaph somehow managed to remain unsullied), did they campaign against 42 days detention? or ID cards? No, liberty and freedom can go hang. Only once their own personal wallet and right to 3 years pissing up at others expense was under threat did they take the opportunity to smash up some public buildings that we will have to pay for.

In sport the world cup was decided on who has the best prostitues and can supply the sparkliest hotel freebies irrespective of ability to host or human rights. (a small bright light is England tanking the aussies at cricket however!)

The public sector howl with pain at proposed cuts, depsite the fact that a sizeable proportion of them have pay and conditions far in excess of those that must pay for them, without the slightest suggestion of performance monitoring. We can make a reasonable assumption thatit will not be the empire building middle management that should disappear on the B Ark that will be justifiably downsized.

The civvy staff that continue to ruin the MoD with procurement practices that FIFA would describe as a bit iffy remain protected whilst the military face front line cuts and cannot even field a combat air patrol for a fleet (even Thailand can manage that…)

Politicians claim to be leading by example by not even being able to get their expenses audited

Meanwhile the only things the Great British public can get worked up about are the Fix factor, strictly come mincing and why can’t they do 70mph on the estate when it snows?

Seriously, I despair. Bring on the zombies.They can only improve things.

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