Apparently so, according to the neo-dark age acolytes at Xmas is evil! They’ve even got themselves a fancy logo

What they neglect to mention in the written piece (although the clever amongst you can figure it out from the use of Mohammed) is that it’s a bile ridden piece of rubbish from some Muslim nutjobs whom I suspect really need to get laid…or pissed. Or possibly both.

How else can you rant on that…

It’s all about Father Christmas or it’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus many say, the reality is that Christmas is more about office parties, house parties, raves night clubs, alcohol, drugs and all the things that these lead to, like illicit sex, violence, rape, domestic violence, crime, vandalism and so on. The fact is that Christmas is the time when men and women become the most base, immoral creatures who don’t care for anything or anyone, their sole purpose becomes enjoyment in whatever depraved form that might take.

If it wasn’t so dangerous it’d be funny (alright I admit, it is pretty funny anyhow) But apparently the fact you celebrate Christmas , (and I know it’s an assumption that you do) means that you actively encourage illicit sex, vandalism and parties of all description? What do these twats have against parties for Dawkins sake? Do they not get invited? I for one will admit that I probably wouldn’t want them at mine – after all it’s not like they’re likely to be a bunch of fun now is it?

But seriously guys, Christmas is responsible for violence, crime, rape and people becoming immoral? have you looked at your twisted clusterfuck of a religion lately? You murder women for deciding who they want to have a relationship with for themselves, You prevent education unless it fits your distorted world view, you brainwash the young and impressionable to throw their lives away as suicide bombers. You deride all non-believers as lower life forms whose murder is a thing to be celebrated. You would murder a man for a cartoon or a book. I have been to Islamic countries and without exception every one of them is a parasitic hate filled tyranny of ill treatment, corruption and violence. There is not a single thing we can learn from Islam. Not one. Every piece of progress they remind us happened in the middle east happened centuries ago, and happened despite their religion not because of it.

Even moderate believers subscribe to a world view that includes the idea that Islam should be forced upon others. Even those that let the word tolerance pass their lips do not practise it in reality.

I’m sure there is some psychiatric need that this drivel fills, the fact they feel inadequate or unintelligent, cannot cope with socialising, or possibly just have a tiny penis and can’t get laid. Frankly, I don’t care.

All religion is like polonium 210. It is highly toxic to humanity and there is no safe background level. Islam is just a concentrated dose of it, with an extra side order of hate and intolerance.

I would happily let people believe what ever delusion of choice they wanted – BUT they keep trying to make the world, including my tiny bit of it, run to their rules too. I would happily let you live how you want, please do me the same courtesy. Or else.

Anyway I’m off to celebrate not having to go to work for a while by getting drunk, inciting domestic violence (which means I get hit for being silly), and probably eating a bacon sandwich at some point.

Happy whatever festival makes you smile!

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