One of the 600-odd thieving gits who reckon they can run the country but filling expense forms is beyond them is in court today. In case you missed his demonstration of charm and eloquance here he was a year ago defending himself on TV.

The sense of arrogant entitlement is astounding. To first of all taken our money with such casual disregard and then amazement that the little people are pissed off at such theiving beggars belief. To then try to claim that they are not subject to the law and their own little club should rule on whether theft is theft or not and hand out punishments akin to sitting on the naughty step is just more outrageous attempts to wriggle out of it.

.. and then to plead not guilty.

and if you really feel like getting angry about something. The lying theiving Hoon (select your own definiton) gets legal aid!

So they have a job where we pay their wages, so they then steal from us by defrauding us on the expenses, claim we cannot prosecute them for breaking the law, fail and go to court where despite admitting it live on tv, they plead guilty and we have to pay for their bastard defence!

A year ago I remember MPs claiming there was a risk of some MPs committing suicide because they’d been found not so much with their hand in the cookie jar, but found with numerous empty cookie jar, crumbs on their face, climbing out of the cookie factory with a few more cases of cookies in their car parked nearby. Well, if that’s the case so be it. It is entirely self inflicted and if they want to borrow some rope i’m happy to oblige.

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