I try not to wallow too much on here, firstly as it doesn’t actually help very often and secondly I don’t want to bore the arse off of you dear reader. However with another funeral to attend next week, the mood does drift towards the melancholic as I’m sure you would understand.

Anyway, as I try not to name names on these electronic dribblings of mine, I will not dwell on the who’s and the whens, as those that know me well enough will know that I am the last in a line of Spiders without actually being very old myself (and no, 30 something is not that old yet thank you so very much). Suffice to say next week is again somebody I liked very much and will miss, albeit for a change they can be said to have had a long and fullsome life, to often in the past I have not been able to say that of my friends.(I include family I like as friends…)

Anyway to the point at hand. It is amazing how music can effect us. I was playing through some tracks today, and whilst admittedly pondering mortality more than usual a particular track made me think of a particular friend now gone. So, if you will forgive my self centered-ness for a moment I wish to share some music that immediately makes me think of 3 friends who should have had longer with us.

First up, my best friend for a lot years, best man, best supporter in times of serious trouble, and conscience on more than one occasion. Kev. I simply cannot hear Hawkwind without thinking of him, and in particular this track. Cheers Bud, I wouldn’t be the same quiet, easy going, shy person if it wasn’t for you. So turn down the lights, crank up the volume and hit play…

Next up a guy who looked out for me on more than one occasion, gave me first Bass guitar lesson (sorry I never did have the patience to keep it up!), essentially gave me an 800W bass rig, (which my neighbours loved at the time! – I’ve passed it onto a good cause so at least it gets properly used mate!). He was a good friend and a great bass player who never got the audience he deserved, and he loved this guy… I hope he laughed as I fell through a fence smashed on Jack Daniels at his wake. Somehow I know he would have approved…

Lastly a school friend I knew since Junior school, sat next to for years, and although we lost touch as we all departed for Uni his loss was still a shock. Even at school he had individual tastes in music. I hope he found what he was looking for.

The names aren’t important. That they were my friends is. Without our friends we would not be the people we are. Without mine, including these, I would never have got so far.

Thanks to you all,

So if you take anything from this. Remember your friends, make the effort to say thanks, or just hi. There’ll be a day when one of you can’t.

editors note:
For those who think this the height of hypocrisy alongside my atheist rants.

Firstly, just because I understand my psychological shortcomings in missing people and hoping they’re still laughing doesn’t mean I’ve conquered them. But at least I’m trying.

Secondly and most importantly – they were my friends and it’s my blog, so tough shit.

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