Chris Packham, once spiky haired TV animal botherer has come to the same conclusion as other illustrious thinkers such as myself and Sir David Attenbrough

There are too many people.

He approaches the issue from the direction of saving the endangered species, but if you think about it there is hardly any serious issue effecting the world today that couldn’t be eased with simply having less people, or as Sir Dave puts it…

“I’ve never seen a problem that wouldn’t be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder, and ultimately impossible, with more.”

Think about it… energy supply, drinking water, housing, jobs, food, fish stocks, pollution, global warming, natural resources. Every issue could be alleviated if there were simply less people. We simply cannot keep growing in a finite ecosystem without consequences.

Having read a bit about Chris Packham, he brings an alarming amount of sense to the wildlife debate, from allowing Pandas to die off with dignity, to controlling the damage done by Dogs and Cats to songbirds (mainly by RSPB memebers i think). He congratulates Chinas one child effort as well. All things guarunteed to make him unpopular but he did it regardless.

If you are interested in reading a bit further the Population Matters Website (formerly optimum population trust) is a good read. Its patron is Sir David Attenrough who is a fairly clever chap himself. With these sort of people starting to agree with me, there must be hope for the planet yet!

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  • Sarge says:

    I’ve thought this for years. Our warlike nature was always a handy population control. As soon as population exceeds the ideal in a geographic area war breaks out and numbers are reduced. Unfortunately military technology has put paid to high body counts and rendered this control ineffective. Might I suggest a return to the technologies of the early 1900’s, a touch of conscription and a long and bloody world war. Probably wouldn’t be too bad for the economy in the long run either.
    Now, where did I leave that tin hat?

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