There is just no stopping them is there? No way in which they will learn?

In order to help the great fiscal fuckup we find ourselves in, and in the same week they increase National Insurance and reduce the level at which higher taxes kick in the Government are publishing a bill to prevent tax evasion through ‘disguised remuneration’. All good stuff I expect, helping to maintain their grasp on our wallets and prevent anyone hiding income so they can avoid having to tell environmental diversity gender officers to wind their collective necks in. It really didn’t take Napoleon long to get his feet under the table.

Unless you are a thieving bastard politician of course. Tucked away in the (very) lengthy document is a small clause…554E(8)

does not apply by reason of a relevant step taken by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority in relation to a member of the House of Commons.

Say what again? It does not apply if you are one of those that get to set the rules for your own advantage? You get to be outside the law if you are an amoral grasping parasite?

Just how exactly did they expect this to play out with people?

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  • Steve says:

    Handy that isn’t it. Thieving fucking arseholes! Might be time for a modern day adaptation of a plot by a certain Mr. Guy Fawkes!

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