Back online. Sorry for the hiccup, wordpress update managed to wreck some structure and in my heavy handed fashion I deleted/moved/swore at files for a bit until it worked. Anyway seems to be working again so here we are!

Anyway, as a result of digging around and testing stuff I checked some of the spam comments my filters have caught so far… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while! Some even make sense until you check the email addresses and websites for the user. If anyone really wants links for shares/dresses/bondage/apple apps/cheap cigarettes/perfume/yeast infections/mattresses and our old friend viagra then please just let me know and I’ll forward the links… although I would suggest putting your virus protection to Armageddon setting first..

However, a couple did make sense but I don’t trust either the email/web address attached so they’re not going on. But to answer a couple of questions.

Feel free to use anything you find here on your own blog/website/bedroom wall/hamster bedding provided that a)you attribute either myself or if I’ve reposted the original author and b) you cannot use for anything remotely commercial without my express consent – and I’ll want a slice of the action! Further info here

Lastly, to the many and various that start “your blog/website/posts are great, I have learnt/enjoyed a lot”… nobody likes a kiss-arse. I know I’m great already thanks.

Now then. Something about a wedding and some elections?……

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