Baron darth bloody Mandlehoon comes back more often than athletes foot and is about as welcome. This corrupt slime had to resign twice from government, TWICE for corrupt loans and passports for mates. So they rewarded him with a job lining his pockets in Europe as an unelected orwellian kleptocrat stealing influence and money from the population whilst cosying up to russian oligarchs.

They dared not try and get him elected upon his return but he undoubtedly had some hold over Blair and Brown so they had to invent an unelected post and make him Baron Mandelson, of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham to get him back in Labours Cabinet in the dying days of scorched earth borrowing as they sold future generations prosperity to buy a last few votes…

So now they look set to offer him director general of the World Trade Organisation. WTF? A body that is supposed to oversee world trade and trade disputes with a serial thief and embezzler at the helm?

Any politician of any party that ever wants to know why they are universally hated, reviled and spat upon should look at this. Sod pragmatism. That he should be in anyway rewarded for a lifetime spent deliberately lining his pockets at the electorates expense makes me want to puke.

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