mmmm brains..... nom nom

Brains nom nom nom....

Leicester Council have had an FOI request for the plans to deal with zombies. Apparently a worried member of the public has forced Leicester City Council to admit it is unprepared for a zombie invasion.

Really? A worried member of the public? More likely someone with a sense of humour I suspect.

I would also suspect that Leicester is more prepared than they give themselves credit for. Zombie infestation could be dealt with with a combination of responses. First up is an evacuation of the effected area, an event which any Emergency Planning Unit should already have some rudimentary plans for. Although in reality most people “self evacuate” (and no, I do not mean shit themselves). Emergency accomodation is a staple of local authority EPUs and is exercised regularly. Contagion should be treated where possible and modified influenza type plans could be used to effect here. Where there is no known treatment then existing liasion with the Military can be used to great effect to “deal” with the infected.

So as you can see although somewhat frivolous at first glance, dealing with zombies could have been an excellent opportunity to look at existing emergency plans and how they compliment each other. After all no incident ever runs to text book predicitions, encouraging lateral thinking and improvisation are often key to dealing with any incident. If only Leicester had a more flexible mindset and possibly more of a sense of humour they could have made good use of this request!

For those in the Cleveland area don’t worry. Can’t really tell you any more than that. But zombies aren’t an issue…after all we’re used to dealing with Port Clarence, how hard can zombies be?

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