May I humbly suggest one.

Not because he was a Royal Marine, (who I have immense respect for having slogged my way round their assault course once, sans kit and weapon!)

Not because he did a shit job in a foreign land and called it a duty.

Not because he gave his life and got less respect and recognition than some piss water perfume that some plastic faced attention whore was touting.

But because he knew this may happen, accepted it as part of the job and still made time to think for his family and friends.

So after leaving cash for his family and his favourite charity (which cares for injured marines), he took life insurance and specified it was to include a trip for his friends. Now 32 of his mates are off to Las Vegas courtesy of Marine David Hart to celebrate his memory. I hope they do him proud.

Looking out for his comrades still. A true Marine.

Bravo Zulu.

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