No, not the new magician on ITV. But the ongoing debacle of “phone tapping”. I’ve avoided it so far because to be frank it seems a bit of a storm in a pisspot mainly. So an investigator listened in to some boring Z-list celebs phone sex messages. Really? How interesting, please tell me more, no it’s ok i yawn when really excited…..

Notwithstanding the cases of intefering with police investigations such as the Dowlers and London bombing victims which should be covered under laws concerning.. you guessed it “intefering with police investigations” it seems opportune that this case covers the news outlets whilst…

The head of the Met resigns claiming his “integrity intact” despite taking a £12,000 freebie luxury spa stay bung. What else does he view as legitimate to accept? If an ordinary officer were to accept £12,000 in cash would that be ok too? Because I fail to see any difference

Yates of the Yard jumps rather than get the push as it is discovered that he got friends daughters jobs. It also transpires that the friend of course worked for news international previously. if only we could all help friends as much…except it’s called nepotism and it’s illegal in public office.

Not to mention hardly anyone has notice that Europe is about to implode again and take even more of our cash that we haven’t got. So in effect we have to borrow even more money to pay of debts for countries like Greece and Italy because they borrowed money they couldn’t afford to distract their voters with shiny pensions and Olympic stadiums.

And of course, in case you hadn’t noticed there are 2 conflicts our forces are fighting and dying in (another name released yesterday – try finding that in your paper) whilst simaltaneously being told that there will be more redundancies and cuts whilst also having to listen to a PM rationalising giving even more money we need to borrow away in overseas aid.

But it’s ok. Because they got to make Murdoch Snr and Jnr squirm a little. The same media mogul that was feted by Brown, and Blair before him. The same clique that Mandlehoon still sucks up to at clandestine meetings. But because he swapped sides for a bit he’s now the enemy.

And ultimately who’s to blame? Who gives Murdoch power over politicians and made phone hacking lucrative for his organisation?

The 7,500,000 people that read his rag. The same people that click “like” in faux rage for facebook campaigns to boycott his empire, but still wanted to read the “inside scoop” or the “exclusive” on some plastic faced celeb slappers latest shennanigans with some talentless boy band member, all with tits on page 3 and sex ads in the sports pages. In short, the public. You demanded it, he supplied it. No-one asked how. And you really think the other papers aren’t doing the same?

Wilful Blindness indeed.

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