So Tottenham is to be twinned with Mogadishu? it certainly appears that way.

I’ve no more idea what actually happened in the cataltyst event than anyone on the streets last night so I’ll make no comment on that.

Two things do strike me though.

Firstly this was in no way a protest for justice. None of them would even recognise Mark Duggan who was shot by police and therefore instantly transformed into a peace loving angelic figure who helped old ladies cross the road and rescued kittens. It was not a cry against cuts, or lack of libraries or a failure to embrace diversity in ethnic backgrounds.

It was scum who were intent on violence, destruction and materialistic gain for there own ends. A feral underclass who have never been forced to realise that ther are responsibilities as well as rights, with a healthy dose ofthe well to-do anarchist movement who see disorder as a lifestyle choice. Cowards who want everything and are prepared to give nothing, who claim to support a bereaved family by torching London buses and support their community by burning shops and looting TVs. Wasters who think a human right is the right to an iPhone, £200 trainers and the right to deal drugs without interference from “the man”.

In short, oxygen thieves and a waste of DNA.

The second thing that struck me was the Police reaction. Obviously we all have the luxury of being armchair generals on this. but it would appear that they are hamstrung in the ability to respond for fear of upsetting some community leader or another. Would we have seem them allow such behaviour for so long from football fans? I fear not. These animals were shielded by the fear of racism. Predominantly ethnic minorites who use their race as an excuse for their behaviour. Who cry persecution if you accuse them of behaving like animals when they behave like animals.

All people should be treate equally. Everyone should have the same right to being arrested for trying to burn a cornershop or police car…

So my contribution to this debate. A suggestion to help the police in an all too difficult role where they will be criticised whatever they do.

We should supply a container of these

and because the bodycount may be a bit politcally incorrect we can moderate their firepower with big fun bags of these.

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