The Grauniad today carries piece on Dale Farm, and a letter from the UN pleading on their behalf for Dawkins sake.

A little background and a disclaimer first. I grew up in the area so know it fairly well and think it has gone downhill fast. The site goes back to the 70’s when local authorities were obliged to provide pitches for so-called travellers. It provided the infra-structure and planning permission for 40 families. Since then land adjacent has been bought up and settled by around 100 extra families without planning permission.

Around a decade ago they were first served with notice. The local authority have persued this through every stage of legal process (albeit interminably slowly) and finally served notice of eviction which expired 2 days ago.

The Un apparently:

 has expressed deep regret at the determination of a local authority to proceed with the eviction of 86 families from the farm

What the fuck? The UN? Do they really have so little to do they have time for this? Because if so I can send them a nice list of atrocities around the world they can spend some time on. These parasites knew what they were doing was illegal. They have flaunted the law in building on green belt. They have settled in an area where some residents cannot even get planning permission to convert an exisitng garage but reckon they can just build and settle wherever they want regardless of others.

They are not a persecuted minority. They have been offered alternate accomodation, they are in receipt of benefits, they make full use of schools and the NHS. Yet they contribute nothing to a society they are happy to take from.

Their only contributions to the surrounding community are litter, noise, crime and threatening behaviour. This is not some form of peace camp. To the bleeding heart do-gooders who are not even on talking terms with the real world I suggest you offer them some of your land and not inconsiderable wealth because the rest of us who obey the law are sick and tired of it.

I am so bored with hearing that yet another lentil munching apologist has offered to “”broker” for them. Stop it. Just stop it all now. If any other person was to flout the law in this manner they would have been hauled off in cuffs. The law has run it’s course no matter what Vanessa “result of nepotism ” bloody Redgrave thinks. Someone got 18 months last week for stealing a £30 bin. This blight are costing taxpayers millions in refusing to obey the law. Lets have some parity.

The law should be blind. It should not care whether you are white, coloured, religious, atheist or gypsy/non-travelling traveller. If it becomes one law (or lack thereof) for them and one for us, then the UN might just have a just cause. Until then they should wind their neck in and do something useful like find Gadaffi.

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