Well that’s kind of what the Beeb are saying!


The survey of 4,359 parents found 58% had cut spending on other essentials like clothing, heating and other bills.
Nearly two-thirds said they could not afford not to work, but struggled to pay for childcare.
Four out of 10 families surveyed said the cost of childcare was on a par with their mortgage or rent.
The study suggests the cost of childcare has the greatest consequences for the poorest families

Really? Having children costs money? In other ground breaking journalism bears do indeed shit in the woods and the Pope is kind of Catholic. It gets better…

Research by the Daycare Trust earlier this year found that 25 hours of nursery care a week in England for a child under the age of two would cost, on average, more than £5,000 a year.
In Wales it was about £4,700, while in Scotland parents faced an average nursery bill of £5,178 a year.
Kate Groucutt, policy and research director at the Daycare Trust, said: “It is unacceptable that parents are being forced into debt in order to pay for childcare.

Hang on, what? A whole 25 hours of care for a child per week costs about £100? Outrageous! £4 per hour for a safe insured premises with CRB checked staff that are prepared to run the gauntlet of registration and legislation in order to risk being sued into oblivion because little Johnny grazes his knee. £4! Hell that’s almost a packet of cigarettes. Not that the Day Care Trust, a charity naturally, have a vested interest as they provide training and consultancy in the field, and I’m just guessing here but there full time staff do it for more than £4 per hour? The piece then goes on to describe at length the unfortunate state of childcare as the state does not provide enough of other peoples money for parents to look after their children.

Sorry, bullshit. You want to know who is responsible for children? The parents. If I am going to be taxed to pay for other peoples choices then I want a say in the matter. Because there is absolutely no need for there ever to be an unwanted pregnancy now. The choices may be difficult, but there is always a choice. And there are plenty of people I would happily prevent breeding.

I choose not to have a big dog as part of my family despite really wanting one. because I am not in a position to be able to look after it properly. The same applies. (And no I do not see any difference). If you cannot care for a child because of time, financial or personal contraints, then don’t bloody breed. We are not short of people. We are killing the planet by over-population.

A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said:

“The cost of childcare is one of the most important factors for parents when considering work, and ministers have always said that under universal credit they will invest at least the same amount of money into childcare as in the current system. We are working closely with the Treasury and other interested groups to ensure we get this right”

Well, I am an interested group as you keep taking all the money I try to earn and live off, and I think you have it arse about face. The cost of a child is one of the most important factors for parents when considering having one. If they cannot plan for that, then what hope do they have at raising one properly?

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