Following the local Gazette newspapers new crusade to expose the corruption and piss taking by local MP Stuart Bell, (I know he’s got a knighthood I just cannot bring myself to use it) I though I would have a look at his website, and very telling it is to… is very slick, and so it should be, it cost the taxpayer enough to set up and was designed by Price Associates a top notch media company. nothing wrong there, but given that he is an MP for a town with the cutting edge University facilities for internet and digital media courses and associated local economy – you’d think he’d maybe want to support  the local economy a bit by putting some of those £5000 per week taxes he’s costing us back in it?

So what does the ever elusive Bell spend his media allowance on?

Well the first page on the menu describes parliament. A nice filler I guess, thats about it though.

Next comes the Biography, mainly about how well he did in his beloved France etc, membership of a union and so on. How he wrote a work for the Fabians entitled “how to abolish the house of Lords”. It it truly amazing the damascene conversion that takes place when troughing entitlement monkeys like him are able to get a piece of the pie. For someone who once wrote how to abolish the mainstay of the peerage system he didn’t put up much of a fight when a knighthood came calling! I’m also willing to bet that should a peerage become available he doesn’t refuse…also for a member of a party that is vocally opposed to hereditary patronage, elitism etc. he maintains membership of a 16th century once all male club, The Beefsteak Club (the only labour member apparently)

Possibly my favourite statement is in describing Middlesbrough

“Unemployment remains low, aspiration among young people is higher”

Which is odd. Given that the ONS statistics in the 3 months to June this year show Boro as the 4th worst place for unemployment in the country. It had 9.1% unemployment.  Perhaps this doddery old fart of an expenses pit is just a bit slack updating the website? Think again. the situation was even worse last year. In November 2010 Boro was THE worst place for unemployment. Just how big a self serving prick do you have to be to then write on your website “Unemployment is low”? Why not just walk round to some unemployed persons house and piss on the carpet whilst you’re at it? Then wipe your shoes with an expenses claim form and wander off laughing.

Don’t believe me? The below is a screen shot from the 11 Sep 2011, a week after this all kicked off. You’d think a competent person would at least check their own website given the degree of exposure they are receiving? Or is it just another example of the contempt he displays for the little people?

Lastly for now, and probably most damning, is the advertising of his “literary” works on an MPs website paid for by you the taxpayer. Apparently you pay for a website to help him supplement his meagre £65,000 wages (and £35,000 he pays his wife on expenses to be an office manager for an office that does not exist) by selling his books. Not only does he profit as author, but also as publisher since he a registered shareholder of SpenView Ltd, a private holding company which owns the shares of SpenView Communications Ltd and SpenView Publications Ltd

So is it legal to use a taxpayer funded .org website set up for MPs communications (Dawkins knows he does little enough of it) with the electorate to sell your own books written whilst being paid to be an MP? I suspect there is some weasely loop hole that he would escape through, but gut feeling? Corrupt self serving bastard.

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