France has decided to complain that a member of the Royal family is going to the Channel Islands. Mad isn’t it?… You’d put the complaint straight in the bin.

Ok, they haven’t actually. But in similar fashion an Argentinian desperate for some airtime has complained that HRH Prince William is being sent on a tour of duty to the Falklands as it is “provocative”.

If he think’s that is provocative then he should meet me.

Do I care that a memeber of the Royal Family in the course of actually doing some work is going to the Falklands? Of course not. But having lived in Stanley for a few months the people there who are incredibly warm and friendly deserve to exercise the right to self determination as enshrined in Chapter 1, Article 1, of the UN Charter and have respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples. Instead of which a large neighbour thinks they should be able to annex the islands (roughly the size of Wales) because of simple proximity.

I suspect if Argentinas economy wasn’t in the crapper and there were the prospect of natural resources we wouldn’t hear so much, instead there are regular calls to “discuss sovereignty”. Perhaps Tiera del fuego should be Chilean? it is after all much closer to the rest of Chile than Argentina? Maybe they should discuss it?

Or maybe just STFU?

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