Yet another investigation into the abuse of children by Catholic priests that were subsequently covered up by institutional secrecy.

The Dutch report estimates that 10,000-20,000 minors were abused in the care of Catholic institutions between 1945 and 1981.

There have already been investigations in Germany, Ireland, Canada, Belguim and the US. The Church has tried to cover up, hide and prevent the police investigating these crimes, preferring to maintain it’s authority and punish priests were it has to by placing them in seminaries out of the way.

Think about it for a moment.
Tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of children. The most vulnerable kids placed in their trust as they needed care, and they were abused, and then they helped shield the abusers from justice.

If this were any other organisation it would have been hounded and sued into oblivion, it’s name would become a byword for hypocrisy, corruption and disgrace. A Dutch Bishop went as far as saying

“This episode fills us with shame and sorrow”

Just what does it take before they put an end to this medieval, oppressive bastion of ignorance of tyranny. Perhaps a new years wish should be for enlightenment for us to put an end to this superstitious rubbish that has ruined so many children’s lives. Now that would be a good way to see in a year in the second decade of the 21st century.

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