Just how low will a president go in order to justify their claims?

This week saw the airing of an Argentinian Olympic propaganda advert, featuring their hockey captain Fernando Zylberberg. There was a couple of issues, firstly why does a nation need an advert for something they’re invited to? Not sure. Secondly it features their hockey captain not only climbing over a war memorial to the Falklands war dead, but it was filmed in the Falklands without permission.

That they saw fit to sully a memorial in order to further a petty propaganda advert is outrageous. Why do we sit and take this? The Kelpers have freely decided to keep their home part of the UK and yet a neighbour seeks to annex them an do do nothing. Why they wouldn’t want to be run by a bankrupt country where they simply steals companies because they weren’t selling enough product cheaply enough to locals (although they left the percentage owned by Argentinians alone?). They are run by a president that seeks to change election law to be able to retain power after following her husband into power, and now looks to preserve the families power and wealth for her tubby offspring. What’s not to like?

And yet we sit there whilst embargoes and blockades are forced upon a peaceful population, we simply ignore the repeated diplomatic tirades, and turn the other cheek.

Despite the lack of naval airpower the UK possesses the military capability obliterate Argentinian air force and any Naval unit that risked attacking. We need to match that with a willingness to hit back economically and diplomatically. We are not dealing with a rational administration on this subject, CFK uses the issue to deflect attention from her power grab and economic implosion. we are dealing with an administration that uses the Olympics and war memorials to push a political fascist agenda to annex foreign territory, now when did we last see that?

Shame there is no Jesse Owens at these Olympics.

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