Tricky one isn’t it?

Just how much do you value your body? It appears that it is wildly different depending on your employer. If you are in the public sector, and especially local authorities I am afraid, it is a cultural right to “get your claim in”. It was one of the thing I despised about the entitlement culture in Local Authorities that gives any benefits office a run for its money An example is a trip and a groin strain… how much do you reckon? £9,128. I am sure there are contributing factors but really? Ten grand for a groin strain?

In another case heavy metal music fan is suing Newport Council for £25,000 compensation after slipping in a puddle of vomit at a whitesanke concert (imagine that vomit at a rock gig!)No actual injury but needed disinfecting (washing down to you and me).

By comparison what can you expect for combat injuries in the forces? Their website gives this as an example

Injury Tariff Level Tariff Amount % Amount Payable
Bilateral open heel fractures 11 £17,500* 100 £17,500
Open fracture of left femur 12 £11,000* 80 £8,800
Dislocation of left talus 12 £10,000 60 £6,000
Fracture of left fibula 13 £6,000 40 £2,400
Fracture of right fibula 14 £3,000 20 £600
Wound to left arm 14 £3,000 20 £600
Wound to right foot 14 £3,000 20 £600
*Including Supplementary award of £1,000 for each open fracture
Total Lump Sum Award payable                                                                                                                      £36,500

Not much for getting legs and arms blown to bits is it?
Guess we know the pen pushers priorities.

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