The Downing Street work experience lad has been spouting off again. Apparently the wealthy need to pay a bucket more tax to solve the crippling debt the politicians caused to buy the feckless idle bastards votes.

He neglects to mention his definition of wealthy, I suspect it will not include politicians, footballers and those with millions enough to enable them to come to arrangements with the HMRC. It may I suspect include you if you inherit grannys house, or manage to scrape a living wage above the maximum state benefit level.

Want something to make it feel better? How about this. In the 25 years the Kinnocks have in the EU between them the troughing scum have pocketed £10,000,000 between them in pay and perks. Ten fucking million. They amounted to nothing except a drain on the public purse over here, so they were rewarded by being sent to the mother of all troughs to fill their piggy paws with as much tax as possible. They have contributed nothing to this world and it will be a better place without them.

Quick sums for you. £10 million over a combined 25 years, means they needed to entire tax contribution of 65 working people at the average 2011 wage (£26,052) just to keep these pampered porkers in enough swill.

Would you like to guess what “profession” their useless spawn married his way into?

Wonder why I hate politicians?

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