So if you ignore all fuss about the colonials getting a new warmonger in chief, and the rabid hysteria about everyone in the 1970s being a paedophile you may have noticed a little story about an MP.

Mad religious bat Nadine Dorries figures a good way to represent her constituents, she is going to jet off to Oz for a month, not on some fact finding trip or on political exchange, but to appear in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

So someone who earns £5,000 a month, plus expenses, and employs her daughter on £40K pro rata as office manager (whilst she is simultaneously studying a law degree – obviously lots of spare time there!) abandons her job for a month to pick up a £40,000 fee for appearing on tv.

Putting her constituents first there… Anyway it has earned her a suspension from the party whip (like she cares) and probably a stiff talking to when she gets back. Personally, wilfully abandoning a job for a month when you already get 82 days off seems to take the piss and should warrant a sacking, but until the electorate get powers of recall not much will happen.

But it did make me think. There is another MP famous for his attendance, or lack thereof…

Nads has voted in just over 70% of votes, some 453 out of 637, and as you would expect from a vacuous self serving publicity whore she manages to speak up a fair bit too

Lets compare that to the member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Gordon Brown.

He has managed just 90 votes out of 637, 14.1% in this parliament. He has spoken in a single debate in the last year and managed just 8 written questions in the last year — so far below average I doubt his one good eye can see it..

So even if he attended every debate between now and new year, and if we were lucky enough for Nads to stay in the jungle she would still have attended, voted and done more for her constituents that him.

Wonder when he’s going to receive his stiff talking to?

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