So after last weeks inaugural Friday Fiver, this week I thought we would stay seasonal.

For this Friday Fiver November has become Movember around the UK. The objective,

by growing “Mo’s” to “raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. As an independent global charity, Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.”

A good buddy is once again joining the ranks of the hirsute. It’s not easy, but it must be said he goes for it with some elan. So first of all kudos is due and so is your support!

For those of you interested in donating, why not here? Give a buddy some support. After all he’s giving up looking like a woman for a whole month! (no way you were getting away without something)

So for Paul, and every other MoBro or MoSis out there. Bravo Zulu.

Carry on.

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