Recently I purchased what should have been a fantastic game. Spore by EA Games. Firstly if you want out check out the games website it’s here. It looks great, unfortunately I have a couple of issues.
Firstly and leastly, it simply doesn’t work. On a dual core 3.4 Ghz processor, 512mb graphics card. It just crashes. So I contacted the support. Apparently you can’t email their support attached text files 65k in size as “it’s too large to get through”. Bodes well for a high tech software house doesn’t it?
Secondly, and more insidiously the Securom DRM. It installs itself without your knowledge and doesn’t uninstall simply. The opposition to this has become quite vocal. If there was nothing wrong in this then why are EA trying to silence dissenters by threatening them with deleting their support accounts?

So basically unless you want a game with a fair chance of not working, that installs a snooping rootkit DRM on your computer which treats you as a criminal, avoid this one like the plague

If you are unfortunate enoughto install this, then i recommend this as a method of removing SecuROM.

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