Not often you get a chance to post links to Peter Tatchell and the Daily Mail in the same post but on this occassion I have at last found evidence of some sanity on planet Earth.

Peter Tatchell has defended a Christian street preacher fined £1,000 for saying that homosexuality is a sin on the grounds that his freedom of speech should allow him to do so. Think about that, he is defending the right for someone to criticise his lifestyle because he believes in freee speech. He has even included the case on his own blog.

As he states
“The price of freedom of speech is that we sometimes have to put up with opinions that are objectionable and offensive…
Just as people should have the right to criticise religion, people of faith should have the right to criticise homosexuality. Only incitements to violence should be illegal”

Whilst it sometimes makes uncomfortable reading, his blog is well argued and sincere. Clearly a man of convictions. If only some MPs (and perhaps streetside preachers) had the same moral backbone…

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