Whilst driving home tonight I’ve noticed something that not only drives me mad (drives… d’ya geddit? drives – driving, see? ah, nevermind) but is in all probability dangerous and beyond reason.

Why, for the love of Dawkins, do people drive round with side or parking lights on? What possible reason is there? It’s either light enough not to bother at all, or if it is dark enough put your bloody lights on! Do they think they’re saving fuel by only using the little bulb? Perhaps one less middle eastern country won’t get invaded since they’ve used a thimble less fuel by only turning on the 10W bulb instead of a 90?

I think, and this may be a tad harsh, that it should be at least 6 points for dangerous driving and being an all round twat. You may disagree, but hey my blog so tough.

In truth if I had my way really I should be allowed to run them off the road. But apparently thats not PC enough…

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  • Stash says:

    I certainly agree you should be able to run them off the road,as long as I can park my van in the boot of anyone with there fog lights on when its not foggy đŸ˜€

  • Swampy says:

    Hmm road planners arent what they used to be are they….. Why would it be percieved as a good thing to turn two lanes of motorway, not into the much needed three, but instead to include lengths of three lanes every so often in a desparate bid to aid traffic congestion. Muppet alert.

    Two lanes set volume of cars. Turns to three lanes, increases volume and at busy periods fills up with three lanes worth of traffic.
    500 yards away three lanes becomes two again where they run out of money or sense I cant decide. Now you have three lanes worth of traffic trying desparately to get back into two lanes worth of road.


    Now I aint a professor but I can see trouble in that there calculation. Especially when the third lane is the sole home of Rep mobile BMW driving tossers doing 95 when everyone to there left is still only doing 50. Can you see where this is going yet? Wait for it…… Oh yes I have seen at least 15 rear enders in the last 6 months in the outside to middle lane transition at the top of these idiot bits of road, whilst on my way to work. And guess what. It was the same bit of idiot road each time. Yup, me in me little CLio and the slightly nervous micra driver in front both place our lives in the hands of pin striped twats in Beemers that cant drive safely, read or add up every morning, as three becomes one just in front or just behind us and wait for the impending teutonic missile to roughly insert iteslf into our boots at 95 . And we cant do a thing about it.

    Yes we can. If we must have these bits of road. Then why cant we have a copper at the top. Preferably with a 50.cal anti materiele rifle. Or a bazooka. Problems gone including the cause of the financial fuck up we are currently enduring.

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