Election + day 5

Who’d have though it eh? Cleggy is busy putting himself about more than a chav slapper on a bucket of alco-pops and terminal lack of self respect, McDoom has fired the gun on the race to see if anyone can be as unpopular as him without actually stamping on kittens, and Davey Boy looks on aghast as the bird he thought was going home with him at the end of the party gets drunk on the chance of actually getting PR and decides she’ll sleep with anyone who promises to call her in the morning….

What a fucking farce. Democracy? You can shove it.

Chances are we’re going to end up with another unelected Prime Mentalist, put in power not by the will of the people but by the machinations of the smallest major party who came third in terms of seats and votes. We will be governed by back room deals, clandestine promises, machivellian threats and bluffs and still overseen by the Dark Lord of all that is evil Peter “not elected, twice resigned in disgrace, unaccountable, corrupt as the minster Mugabe thinks is a bit dodgy” Mandlehoon.

Mother of all Parliaments, really? Libya and Iran have offered to send election monitors next time…

And for those of you with a conspiratorial cynical slant of mind, what are the odds Davey Boy is laughing behind his hand? Think about it for moment…

Whoever gets in will inherit a poison chalice of epic proportions. The finances are so bad Ocean finance have turned us down for a loan and Greece is thinking “at least we don’t owe as much as the Brits!” and the results will be felt for years to come

A LimpDem-Lab coalition of the defeated will require another unelected PM, and will be associated with propping up a defeated and failed government, leading to the Tories (justifiably) claiming the old line “vote Liberal get Labour”

The Tories will probably have enough seats with the extra 1 to come, unionists etc to frustrate any legisaltion they really want to.

The Parliament will probably be short lived (CCHQ has just extended workers contracts for 5 months, obviously they expect another one before Xmas!)

Another election will come close to bankrupting Labour who could barely afford the last one…

…all in all, if they’re clever and take a longer term view (well longer than we seem to be taking at the moment lurching from one lurching to the next.) there might be a chance to bury the Stalinist central command economy liberty hating socialist for a generation, the only problem is with the deferring of taking drastic action to save the public finances, can we afford it?

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