He’s gone! finally, after they’ve crow barred his fingers from the doors and (hopefully) someone has put a stake through Mandlehoon to stop him rising yet again…

I keep reading about how sad and angry so many people are to see the Dave/Nick gestalt take over. Funny really how so many people who supported the ideals of fairness for all, diversity, inclusiveness and all the rest of that type of stuff are so quick to condemn Davey Boy for the fact his parents sent him to a posh school. They seem to espouse victimising people for the acts of their parents. Should we punish those who went to crap schools? of course not, but somehow a parent doing what they think is the best for their offspring (and although not daft enough to procreate myself so I can only assume many of you with rugrats would…) should mean that that child is to be penalised in later life. Bizarre. Seems their idea of fairness is subjective whether you like a person or not. I think I have more respect for people who cling to ideals not only when they’re easy, but when those ideals are inconvienient too.

Hopefully we’ll get the best of the Oh so Evil Tories/LimpDem alliance. More libertarian ideals and less government. In essence, leave me alone as much as possible. Bin the ID cards, referendums on big questions such as Europe, electoral reform and an English Parliament.

I’m sure that a majority of people are unhappy with the situation, more so than had any single party gained a majority. But if they can curtail the excesses of each other, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be unhappy a little bit as opposed to a few happy ones and the rest of us being seriously near to rioting…

Dizzy has a good take on it here

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