NASA Armageddon watch service the Near-Earth Program, based at the JPL have announced that an object that passed close to the Earth was probably artificial. It’s spectral characteristics did not match any known natural phenomenon and its brightness and radar returns suggest the object was only a few metres in size, and the pre-placed probable Alien insurgents suggest this is typical of a rocket booster body. The body transitted the Earth-Moon system much as our planetary probes do to other worlds in the solar system

Alien Probe Plan

Trajectory of the Alien Probe

Of course it would also be an ideal size for an interplantery probe designed to test Earths defences and assess the likelihood of a successful clandestine approach of the Xeno-Fleet to our planet. Having woken the sleeper cells and begun initial testing of Earth’s space defences their dastardly invasion plans (foreseen by Human Hyper-Boffin and figurehead for the fledgling human resistance, Stephen Hawkings) surely cannot be far behind?

The evidence is stacking up of the impending global land grab by the soon-to-be overlords from other worlds. You have just enough time to prepare. Ignore the infiltrated media lies and soporific outpourings of sedative TV designed to turn us all into vegetables ripe for the picking, prepare yourselves and your loved ones for the inevitable galactic conflict.

Good Luck, remember they are already among us and watch the skies.

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