For those of you that still have an active imagination I would like to recommend some audio treats. I have been a big fan of radio, especially comedy but also good drama, for a long while. I realised that for some of my favourites which I have subsequently collected on cd I have lost count of the number of times I have listened to them…

Anyway these are a few of my favourites…

Old Harrys Game
Andy Hamilton’s comedy of life in hell, particularly the first 5 series from the point of view of the Professor who is banished there for his staunch atheism. The comedy often revolves around Satans futile attempts to convince the Prof of mankinds base immorality, or later on to try and stop the overcrowding problems in hell by returning to Earth to help mankind mend it’s ways!

Hut 33
Set in one of the outlying code-breaking huts at Bletchly park during the Second World War. The comedy revolves around the hapless 3rd Lieutenant running the hut, the stuck up Oxford Prof and the working class hero northern maths genius… Listen out for the Polish resistance fighter Minka whose propensity for violence knows no bounds for Germans (“Off to the wood… dig, dig, bang, bang…”)

The Scaryfiers
I only discovered these last year. Ham filled tales of daring-do set in the 30’s as Insp Lionheart of the Met and Prof Dunning take on all manner of demons, ghost, ghouls and foul fiends intent on nefarious deeds. If you love Lovecraft, Sherlock Holmes or Doc Savage then this is for you. There are free downloads on the website, try them out – the trailers give a good feel for the pace and wit of the stories themselves. They even managed to get Brian Blessed to star in the latest story!

The next instalment “the Secret Weapon of Doom” is due for release this summer. I will have it on pre-order, what better recommendation can I give?

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