Rather than yield to my usual pessimism and cynicism I thought some pointers towards websites run by friends that I often visit. Varying subjects but all well worth browsing…So, in no particular order I give you…

First up, Timmy Conflicting Interests. An old friend (or should that be a friend I’ve known for a while?) that I’ve managed to re-connect with recently has a blog on his interests of wargaming, living history and re-enacting (battering people with a historical slant…) A varied walk into Tim’s (on the left) broad interests is a very easy read (you can tell he’s a teacher… good grammar and all that!) and is updated regularly to keep you interested!

Also from Tim is the Spirit of the Game. A hub dedicated to gaming and the various game systems they have written or use. Loads of good stuff and resources to use, or just good fun to read!

Next up is the English System Principles (ESP) Martial Arts.

Darren has been involved with English Martial Arts for longer than I certainly care to remember, progressing from student, to assistant and now instructs in the South Essex area. The website carries a wealth of information and links to the bulletin board and forum. If you ever fancy some physical history, backed up solid principles and research then well worth a visit. All round nice chaps too!

As they say…

E.S.P. is a school of martial arts based on learning and using certain universal principles and truths in order to fight effectively. Its origins are firmly rooted in the teachings and practices of medieval masters, running ‘schools of fence’ both for practical defence and fighting for ones life and country.

There are techniques deciphered from ancient historical texts and plates that have been thoroughly tested and shown to provide solid defence under pressure.

However, the real heart of the system are The Principles and the truths inherent within, coupled with truths and practicalities inherent to every fighting system, laid bare and explained – as a science, rather than a mystical art.

Lastly for this post, Milgeek, a blog of his…

obsession with things military, including my airsoft hobby, family history in World War 2, military gaming, defence news and much more.

For any of you (myself included) this is a fascinating blog of the geeks rampage through Airsoft, computer gaming (especially the shooty variety!) and military history, usually family orientated). With a extra dose of current military matters thrown in for good measure. An entertaining and informative read, and always on my favorite links list on any browser! [although his airsoft stuff needs to be backed up by some more time on the battlefield đŸ˜‰ !-get better soon]

Well there you have them. All regular reads of mine, and I heartily commend them to such fine discerning readers such as yourselves… after all, you can trust me…right?

[to all the guys – hope you can forgive the blatant ripping off of your graphics and quotes!]

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