It appears that North East Extreme all-in drug fuelled hide’n’seek champ and the mate that Gazza loved as it made him look intelligent,Raoul Moats family have carried on the family tradition of insensitive and crass behaviour, wilfully ignoring any of societies wishes and hope in that…
a) they refuse to crawl off & die somewhere quietly so we don’t have to hear any more about them
b) they ignored the already traumatised and beleagured village of rothburys wishes and polluted the area by littering the detritus of their scumbag offspring.

Since Rothbury seems doomed to have some sort of rubbish strewn epitaph to the steroid filled imbecile, I think I may have hit upon an idea.

Instead of flowers no-doubt shoplifted from the nearest Aldi left to rot in their artistic cellophane wrapper, how about a collection by sensible people to provide the people of Rothbury with something useful to occupy the site and prevent the amobea-brained slack jawed simians using it as a memorial? Something we could all contribute to and would be of actual benfit to the put upon residents?

I suggest… a public convienience.

A place where normal non-psychopathic individuals could make use of, knowing that every time they take a piss they do so on Moats last spot. To be blunt, lets give the be-sieged people of northumberland a chance to register their disgust at the Moat famiily by letting them shit on his grave.

Hopefully then, every day, the family of morons can live with the inner turmoil of knowing yet again socity is leaving our foul smelling refuse on the final spot of theirs. Perhaps they will clamour and cry out “where are our human rights?” and we can answer, the same place as the residents of Rothburys were when you and your bastard progeny ignored them.

So, for the return of personal responsibility, freedom to take the consequences of your actions, and because he was ginger. Lets buy a bog for Rothbury!

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