I’ve been watching the weather related news with interest. Mainly due to being a bit of a weather anorak (legacy of my time as a forecaster in the RN I’m afraid), but also because I think it speaks volumes about people.

Every news channel carried news of the impending wintery doom for days before it actually hit. Even now we’re constantly reminded how bad it’s going to be and for how long. And also in every bulletin, website and forum there are a legion of people complaining that it has impacted their daily routine.

Have you looked outside? People who are only too happy to phone into work with the weather as an excuse expect everyone to arrange the world so it carries on as normal for them.

Surely if a 10th Century monarch can realise that we cannot control the elements then over 1000 years later we should be able grasp the simple fact?

Why do we persist in polluting the environment with thousands of tonnes of salts and grits? Why not accept that snow makes roads slippery, just clear the worst with ploughs and require people to drive accordingly? It works fine in other countries. Accidents are mainly caused by drivers expecting every road to be normal, not just the main arteries we can afford to grit or salt.

We must be prepared to adapt our life to the conditions. If you drive a 2WD sports car with slick tyres guess what? It won’t work as well as my 4WD truck. If you need to be out driving in these conditions then plan ahead. Don’t just expect the world to change just for you.

Same if you choose to live in the arse end of nowhere. Either learn to live there in the harsh conditions as well as the good, or move. Stop expecting everyone else to bail out your lifestyle choice.

There are people that need and deserve our limited resources to help, the elderly, the infirm, those that through no fault of their own cannot help themselves. If your problems are down to your choice of where to live, or your choice of vehicle, or your choice to have screaming brats, or your choice to not get up earlier for work then tough shit. Your choice, you deal with it. Now stop whining.

I’m off to play in it some more snow. It’s fantastic.

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