A break from cynicism and pointing out the ridiculous about us, so here’s a page dedicated to people and places that have gone above and beyond the call. I’ll try to remember to add to it from time to time! Anyway I heartily recommend all the following:

For fixing the insides of your vehicle…

Thompson Motors
01642 245738
16 Tame Road

Not only does Chris (and cohort Mike) manage to keep my ageing Delica import going without bankrupting me, they are also one of the few places you can get Bike and trike MOTs in the North East. Fantastic & honest service. Proper mechanics.

Also on the car theme, and for fixing the outside of your vehicle!
Triple S (Scuffs Scrapes & Scratches)

If you’ve managed to bend, ding or otherwise mess up the bodywork on your motoring pride and joy then this is the man you need to speak to. Flawless work, I even recommended him to my boss that’s how confident I am. In fact if you’ve had bodywork done at a main dealer in Teesside there’s a reasonable chance that he did it anyway and you (or the insurance!) paid a premium to the dealer. Why not just go direct?

Aye Carumba!

Next thinking of my stomach (as I often do I know)

Mohujos Mexican Restaurant
01642 881478
113 Station road, Billingham
TS23 2RL

Great place, nice relaxed atmosphere and lovely food. Although avoid the Louisiana Chicken unless you like it hot! (if you do though it’s fantastic!)

A Gentleman should always be suitably attired, I can think of no better place than Charles Hobsons of Easingwold