This is the homepages of Spiders online ramblings. My outpourings of thoughts that would probably make me explode if I kept them in. If you are easily offended then now is a really good time to leave… and probably block this site on your browser.

All that you read here is opinion, not necessarily based on fact, logic, truth  or even good taste so don’t moan if you find out it’s incorrect…

My ramblings are largley based on the things I disagree vehemently with. Hypocrisy, ignorance, intolerance, injustice. I think we should be free to live as we want as far as possible, and whilst freedom can never be limitless it can be a damn site further than we currently see it. Two of the most important freedoms are the freedom to fail and the freedom to be offended.

I cannot abide religion, which has probably done more to limit our species and promote hatred than any other organisation we can dream up. But mainly I cannot stand it because it is built on untruths and bullshit that a 4 year old can see through if allowed to. The day we abandon it as superstitious nonsense we will truly be able to claim we have evolved.

So in acordance with the above feel free to leave comments, I will free to ridicule, heckle and annoy. If you don’t like it feel free to leave!