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A review! Mrs Spider recently gave me a surprise present of some Foad Wax. Not as you may think some obscure toad that has been mis-spelt but some moustache wax as the face was getting decidedly hairified…
Not having been a user before I can report it is indeed good fun, however that is not what most impressed me.

Several days later Mrs Spider received another tin of the same, not as you may think an error, but the accompanying letter explained that Moustache tamer and purveyor of the aforementioned facial fur facilitator, Mr Foad was not happy with the quality of the wax in his last batch and had sent out another tin of the same size. Completely unasked for, unexpected and superb customer service. (I must confess as to not even being aware of the inferior grade of the wax already received!)


It’s not often I am genuinely impressed, so hat’s off to Mr Foad and his amazingly fun wax… I heartily recommend his website, it even has a tutorial for the newcomer to moustache taming!

Bravo Zulu

I’m not the greatest fan of the things. Far better to actually plan a route and use them as back up. But following a campaign to get a particular guest voice on TomTom I may just be tempted…[El Reg article here]

They’ve even mocked up a proto type just to give you an idea, now what’s not to like about this?

..and how many celebs would take the time out not only to appear and voice a daft promo (above) but actually record a personal thank you to the people who voted?

If you want to join the campaign, you can find it on facebook here

To finish off, a gratuitous Flash Gordon clip, best bit of the film!

Intrigued? Thought you would be. Unfortunately though this is a shameless plug for a buddy raising cash for Movember.

“Movember?” you’re thinking “WTF is that?”… It’s growing Mo’s in November, hence Movember (geddit?!)

Basically, he agrees to try to grow some manly hair. (believe me, it’s a real test for him!) and in return for the opportunity to laugh at, ridicule and embarrass him people cough up some cash in the name of the Prostate Cancer Charity. A worthwhile and for some blokes, damn necessary organisation. So to help fellow blokes basically have less of a pain in the arse part with a few quid now. Come on, you lose more than that in the pub and not even realise.

You can check Pauls page out here complete with pics and links to donate.

Movember - Sponsor Me