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I’m not the greatest fan of the things. Far better to actually plan a route and use them as back up. But following a campaign to get a particular guest voice on TomTom I may just be tempted…[El Reg article here]

They’ve even mocked up a proto type just to give you an idea, now what’s not to like about this?

..and how many celebs would take the time out not only to appear and voice a daft promo (above) but actually record a personal thank you to the people who voted?

If you want to join the campaign, you can find it on facebook here

To finish off, a gratuitous Flash Gordon clip, best bit of the film!

I guess it was only a matter of time

Chris Morris’ (of Brass Eye and Day Today fame) new film, 4 Lions, which satirises (for the posh amongst you) or takes the piss (for the rest of us) out of terrorists and terrorism in general has attracted a call to boycott it by a few families who lost loved ones in the London bombings of 7/7/05.

Now I am absolutely certain that their grief is genuine, they probably experience heartache and pain every day. But how far, if at all, do we have a right not to be offended? Exercising a “right not to be offended” conflicts directly with our freedom of speech. What should we be allowed to say, write and publish?

Certainly at one end of the spectrum we have libel and slander, the puporting of fiction as though fact in order to harm someones reputation or damage their interests (which I think should also apply to lies made to support or promote themselves). But should people be able to prevent publication of material because it upsets them? If so, where does it end? The 7/7 attacks were very visible and raw because they were a political and religious hate crime. But what about natural disasters and accidents that kill loved ones? Is those families grief of any less merit? Or murders that are inevitably similar to those portrayed in fiction?

I’m sure there are limits to good taste, but should those limits decide what I can and can’t see? People have a choice whether to watch or read. Personally I find x-celebrity-pap-idol-factor nauseating and a slamming indictment on the species, but I’m the first to admit it should not be banned. (Burnt and beaten maybe…)

In essence their call is no different from fundemeatlist muslims calling for the banning of cartoons or novels they find offensive, or the churches preaching anti-gay propaganda. They all find the respective materials offensive, and they should be free to. they should be free to get as angry as they like and produce material that promotes their biased point of view.

As for me, the only person who should be allowed to decide what I should be allowed to see, is me , and I’m free to get as angry as I like afterwards…

A review! Something else to fill the ether with…

I tried out the comedy club at the ARC in Stockton last night, accompanied by some friends and wife and I must admit to being surprised.

I was happily surprised by the acts. Seymour Mace (Lately basking in the considerable reflected glow of Johnny Vegas) was great. Quite disturbing in parts, I think he would make an excellent rapist/stalker (see the act, you’ll understand) if he hasn’t already done so, and it’s hard to believe this man didn’t back Gladys Knight with his display of deft dance floor moves. But for me the undoubted star of the evening was the MC Jason Cook.

Now I’m usually a grumpy bugger about comedy and those who make me truly laugh are rare comic geniuses (Eric Morcambe, Andy Hamilton, Bill Bailey, Ade Edmonson) but JC was great, suitably obscene for my tastes, courageous with his admission of women’s underwear wearing (which he then went on to prove, good man) and relentless with his delivery, especially when it came to hecklers – which leads me to my second surprise.

Now I’m a somewhat of a pessimist about our species. The average Joe Public (obviously not you, kind discerning reader) is illiterate, uninformed, uncouth scum. But it eludes me as to why someone would pay for the pleasure of sitting in a comedy gig, shout out unfunny – and at times unintelligible – drivel in order to try and spoil the show for everyone else when they know what’s going to happen? Now don’t get me wrong. A good heckle can make a show. But for the Boro troglodytes who manage to knuckle their way down the A66 for the evening, do me a favour next time and stick to your usual white lightning fuelled, puerile, drug addled, binge drinking night fighting amongst yourselves over whose biffer of a moose looked at who.

The rest of us can enjoy the comedy…

Top one Jason, see you next month.