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The Daily Fail has a campaign to keep the kiddies safe from all the porn and paedos that lurk on the internet…

As everyone knows when a child goes online a light flashes at paedo central and they are bombarded by grooming requests every 5 secs*. As a result only a massive censoring campaign will stop a legion of Jimmy Savilles literally leaping through the computer screen the moment your back is turned**

To this end they’ve managed to scare a statement out of the PM, a man so full of concern for kids he lets his go free range in his local pub.

Let me reiterate the key points: with our new system, every parent will be prompted to protect their child online. If they don’t make choices, protection will be automatically on. No other Government has taken such radical steps before. And once all this is in place, Britain will have the most robust internet child protection measures of any country in the world – bar none.

To get all this underway, I have appointed Claire Perry MP to be my adviser on preventing the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood.
Claire is a passionate campaigner for internet safety and mother of three. Her job will be to see this through, to get internet companies on board, to do what it takes to protect children and young people online.

So, basically companies should be forced to filter the internet by default.

Here’s an outrageous idea. How about parents should be responsible for their kids?

Would you let your child talk to strangers on the street without keeping an eye on them? Then why do parents abdicate responsibility for kids online? Would you let them talk to strange people on the phone in the bedroom late at night without supervision? then why let them skype or chat with them?

Of course it makes no odds. Kids know far more about computers than their parents anyway. Any teenager worth his salt can circumvent copy protection that Record companies spend billions on producing, you think a net filter designed to be simple enough for parents to use and set to off the moment it interferes with watching strictly-come-x-pap-idol online will be a problem? Who do they think sets up most of the computer gear in houses?

*like most Daily Fail facts this is bullshit
**Possibly. If you believe newspapers.

Apologies for lack of blogging recently, but a SQL server update meant loads of database and wordpress fun… Only hindered a little bit by the fact I know very little about SQL databases!

Anyway, I’m back! Normal service to be resumed. In the meantime something to make you smile, unless you’re a nutbag creationist type.. in which case this is more your level. Disturbing, but more your thing I’m guessing.

We may as well as we get another knee jerk law to combat Trolls!

It displays the staggering level of ignorance the judiciary has for the internet. It will be a criminal act to upset someone. Will there be an official list of insults available? What about sites hosted internationally? If I host my website in the Caribbean or South America how exactly would they prevent publication? On Twitter will we see a repeat of the twitter joke trial where a man is arrested and tried for an obvious joke, but the thousands who re-tweeted the exacts same words are ignored?

Farcical, and another attempt at censorship. freedom of speech means people will get offended. So what? be offended; you are free to. Be as offended as you like. But we all know the only use to which laws like this end up being put to is to “protect the privacy” in hiding rich and powerful wrongdoing.

So frankly and as this is about bad language on the net, you can all go fuck yourselves if that’s the case.

I don’t find trolls particularly amusing. Like a playground kid shouting names. Just ignore them, if they threaten actual violence then they have broken existing laws and should be arrested for that. There is no need for more ill conceived rubbish masquerading as law.

So the ruckus revolving around which overpaid ponce of a footballer had an away game with some shallow gold digging tart from big-x-pap-idol brother or some such lingers on like tinglings of a curry which makes you cry for a cold bog roll.

Personally, couldn’t give a stuff. I do think that the super-duper-cross my heart and hope to have to be nice to mandleson injunctions currently being sprinkled around like confetti by anyone who makes the wrong side of half a million a year are bad. Very bad. If they had not been broken before you would not have had the opportunity to know about;

    When commodities giant Trafigura used a super-injunction to suppress the release of an internal report on toxic dumping in the Ivory Coast

    How Fred Godwin was busy shagging his board members instead of sorting his bank out with them, and made you pay for it.

    And of course Andrew Marrs bastard offspring which turned out not to be…

Why do they not want you to know? Because it’s either going to cost them money or damage their image. These injunctions are not used to prevent falsehoods – they are there to prevent the truth getting out. They are used to protect their ability to trade as a company or a person on their image. Very few have been for the protection of children which is about the only reason I can think of to grant one.They are expense to obtain making it a law only available to the rich, which cannot be right.

Social stigmatism is a very good tool for encouraging reasonable behaviour. In either a person or a company. When someone feels the norms and conventions of society do not apply to them and they can can give free reign to their impulse without regard for the consequences we see the sort of behaviour by Domoniuqe Strass Kahn whose behaviour had long been known about, tolerated, and brushed under the carpet by a subservient French press. The secrecy these injunctions give prevents the righting momentum of that social stigmatism.

Compare and contrast comments made about these injunctions, (which British Judges have laughably tried to apply to the world!) to those made about the use of the internet in Egypt, Libya and Syria during their civil unrest. It appears that freedom of speech, thought and information are all well and good, even when it annoys governments and the judiciary. As long as it’s not here…after all we can’t ruin the image of nice wholesome famous people, they might want to make some money out of it.

Back online. Sorry for the hiccup, wordpress update managed to wreck some structure and in my heavy handed fashion I deleted/moved/swore at files for a bit until it worked. Anyway seems to be working again so here we are!

Anyway, as a result of digging around and testing stuff I checked some of the spam comments my filters have caught so far… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while! Some even make sense until you check the email addresses and websites for the user. If anyone really wants links for shares/dresses/bondage/apple apps/cheap cigarettes/perfume/yeast infections/mattresses and our old friend viagra then please just let me know and I’ll forward the links… although I would suggest putting your virus protection to Armageddon setting first..

However, a couple did make sense but I don’t trust either the email/web address attached so they’re not going on. But to answer a couple of questions.

Feel free to use anything you find here on your own blog/website/bedroom wall/hamster bedding provided that a)you attribute either myself or if I’ve reposted the original author and b) you cannot use for anything remotely commercial without my express consent – and I’ll want a slice of the action! Further info here

Lastly, to the many and various that start “your blog/website/posts are great, I have learnt/enjoyed a lot”… nobody likes a kiss-arse. I know I’m great already thanks.

Now then. Something about a wedding and some elections?……

The Ice age continues in the North East (-11 deg C today) and has so far cost me a days holiday and a set of glow plugs, but it’s ok, I’ve forgiven the snow, it’s just too much fun to be mad at for long anyway.

But with the British pre-occupation with weather at the best of times I though I would gather some useful, interesting or just fascinating links for weather related websites together in one post.

I suppose first up should be the daddy of them all, the all knowing Met Office. Good place for forecasts, weather warnings (available as an RSS feed) and marine forecasts

Becasue they are a bit slow to update their pressure charts and it’s nice to be able to view them all in one place I can recommend Metbrief

For an alternative forecasts available to high resolution, there’s the weather underground.

For the Teessiders amongst you, there is an amateur local weather statiion online with great info on it – and fascinating to watch it change! You can also find stations in your locality by using the mesomap function on the website

For anyone interested in the forecast from the local airport allmetsat have the terminal Airfield Forecasts online – with the very useful decode in plain english!

For specific charts of all types, the aptly named weathercharts!

And finally the ever popular and stunningly pretty sometimes Satellite images courtesy of Dundee uni receiving station. free registration required – but it’s definitely worth it.

If you have any sites you use, please add them in the comments so they can be shared with everyone else.

remember, no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing….

woohoo! Unfortunately it was yet another chain email for some oh-so-worthy cause.

If you are in any way superstitious about breaking the “chain” on these pieces of rubbish, then please send them to me, my trash folder loves them.

Today’s example (apologies to my cousin, I’m really not having a pop at you and please keep emailing me!) was apparently from the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and tells me that if I don’t sign it and send it that my…

“…selfishness knows no bounds. Signing is such a small effort to make. After you have read the poem, please add your name at the bottom. And never forget, DON’T EVER DRINK AND DRIVE , not even once, thinking that it won’t matter. IT DEFINITELY WILL MATTER!!!..”

Of course there’s the heart rending poem and the inevitable tales of woe attached, just to try and make me extra special guilty if I don’t do what they say.

Well guess what. MADD and the rest of the spam peddling faux-bleeding heart originators can take their emails, print them on sand paper, cover a brick with them and shove them up their arse.

I have no reason to feel guilty, I didn’t do anything, and I’m willing to bet a considerable amount of money that not a single person has modified their behaviour because of one of the these chain mails. Another tip is that these electronic stools you make people feel guilty with would be a lot more genuine if they weren’t just a vehicle to make you read the adverts contained within, such as this crop attached:

Find it on Need a new place to live?
Meet local singles online. Browse profiles for FREE!
Find it on Need a new place to live?

I bet they’re glad that I didn’t “…receive this petition and do nothing but delete it…”. In fact, since they seem to like spam so much I’ve set a mail rule up to forward my entire spam folder to MADD every day. I think I’ll use it for any other do-gooders that bother me…

I’m not the greatest fan of the things. Far better to actually plan a route and use them as back up. But following a campaign to get a particular guest voice on TomTom I may just be tempted…[El Reg article here]

They’ve even mocked up a proto type just to give you an idea, now what’s not to like about this?

..and how many celebs would take the time out not only to appear and voice a daft promo (above) but actually record a personal thank you to the people who voted?

If you want to join the campaign, you can find it on facebook here

To finish off, a gratuitous Flash Gordon clip, best bit of the film!

Except this one.

For some reason known only to my hard drive, it spat it’s dummy and refused to boot. At all. No safe mode, oh no you can’t have that one. No last known good config mate, nope, you’re not getting around it that way either.

So. After much swearing, threatening and cursing all technology, if was a full reformat, re-install, and here I am again desperately trying to remember all my passwords, and just how did I configure Thunderbird last time?

…and email addresses. They’ve all gone too, so if you could drop me an email, I can rebuild my address book – cheers!

The moral of this story is back ups, we all know we should. But just how many really do? On the upside, it definitely boots quicker and runs a lot faster without all that crap I had on here!!