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Not Bransons Virgin Airways

So despite the rapture failing to kick off so far, the tension mounts here in Teesside as we wait for 18:00 local when Harold Camping predicted the end of the world would start, and the project would be complete by 21st October. (obviously it takes a lot longer to destroy a universe than create one… wonder why? probably stocktaking and so forth I imagine)

Apparently followers of Camping claim that around 200 million people (approximately 3% of the world’s population) would be raptured*, (which sounds like the A30 in Devon on a bank holiday), as the rest of us fade to sweet oblivion. Although his previous guess of September 1994 proved to be a little less than accurate.

Laughing aside, and I must admit there is plenty of it, ask yourself – why is this belief so much more preposterous than any other? At least Camping had the guts to put a date to it, whereas all the other feel-good fairytale pushers keep their prophesies and guide books vague and inconclusive. They use the same trick thousands of sham psychics and magicians have used down the centuries… “I see something beginning with a G….grandad? Did you have a grandad? he hopes you are well…”.

Why is Campings theory that people will ascend today any more daft than the theory that people will ascend ever? All he has done is make the mistake of allowing the possibility of disproving him. As has happened at every opportunity that some fairy tale pushing myth monger has ever allowed. Not a single verifiable religious event has ever happened. Not one. The vast majority are clearly attributable to natural events, although the anti-sentiance brigade would scream “you can’t explain everything – so it must be God!”…er, no. not how it works I’m afraid. That makes no more sense than I can’t explain it, therefore it must be the flying spaghetti monster. At least they have a graph…

Anyway. I’m off to plan for post rapture stuff, as I suspect every one of the so-called believers has done. I bet very few have quit their jobs, give away their possessions for the poor and needy. Obviously not real believers…

*lifted from his wiki entry.. come on it’s too good a line to waste!

I’ve got to add to this. I can barely stop laughing… The Beeb has a piece, and allowed comments. One of the “editors picks” is this from Alpha999

These comments and this story is ridiculous. Just because the rapture won’t / might not happen doesn’t mean you are an atheist. This prediction of the rapture is false but the man predicting this is not a catholic and the only and correct view is from catholics. Man does not have the right to predict the end of the world. God decides.

I love this circular reasoning (reasoning in the loosest sense of the word). Basically these religious people are wrong because they have allowed themselves to be proven false. We are right because our book of Chinese whispers and fairy tales hasn’t. If you are going to state something as fact, as in “the only correct view is from catholics” – feel free to substitute superstitious nonsense of your choice – then you are similarly entitled to be criticised, critiqued and generally made to look stupid as well. So, where shall we begin…