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A change from the usual moans for a review!

Buying a suit is one of the rites of manhood. It is not the same as picking up a pair of jeans and should not be treated so lightly. In the same vein as using a saw correctly, being able to light a fire, growing a beard and looking under a bonnet and being able to actually fix something, it is what separates the men from the boys.

The art of tailoring, for it is an art, deserves some time spent on it. It should not be hurried at the back of M&S, it should be savoured, admired and enjoyed. To go somewhere and be properly measured, attended to and to be provided with a superior service and finally an excellent British suit that looks and feels great is one of life’s experiences.

I can heartily recommend Charles Hobson’s of Easingwold. I visited their establishment today to purchase my third such suit from them, and it gets better every time.

From the moment you enter you are treated as a valued customer, however many times (or not!) you have visited before. You can immediately tell it is a gentlemen’s tailors and outfitters and not a run of the mill clothes shop. Today I visited with Mrs Spider and whilst she was brought a cup of tea on a comfortable sofa I was measured and then we went through a number of samples and sizes until everything was perfect. I should add that for those that don’t know me my weekend appearance is scruffy to say the least and it matters not a jot. Even just trying a sample on that you know fits just right makes you feel great (and finding one to fit my awkward shape takes some doing!)

The service is second to none. Previously whilst serving in HM forces they held my sizes and sent shirts overseas to me when I needed them at short notice. Whilst there today Mrs Spider was chatting to another customer who had made the trip from Cambridge just to visit them.

But surely all this comes at a price you may think? Well certainly it is not Primark. But for a similar price to an off the peg suit from Debenhams or some such you would normally make do with you can treat yourself to the real thing. A suit that fits you and makes you feel like a gentleman.

I may be gushing in my praise for this establishment and therefore you may wonder as to my objectivity. For regular readers you may note that in the three or four years I have been polluting the internet with my ramblings and rants there are a mere handful of reviews with this sort of recommendation. I seriously hold the experience in that high a regard.

Craftsmen (and woman) of Couture

Bravo Zulu.

…and before you wonder, no, there was no discount, bribe, or incentive for the review. Just good service!