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Sorry no other way of saying it really.

Geoff BuffHoon was about the most unpopular Defence Secretary in modern times. He was inept to put it mildly. He also awarded massive defence contract in 2005 to Monolithic Global merchants of death Augusta Westland to the tune of some £1,700,000,000. Not unusual you might say, the forces have to buy their kit somewhere. What was unusual was that no other company was invited to bid… Amazingly the national archive webpage containing some of those details appears to no longer be up… But thank google for it’s cache! you can see a small part here

Forward to 2010. Hoon is one of the highly principled Labour ministers caught on tape whoring themselves out for a few grand. Ministers in the mother of parliaments indeed.

Anyway, rather than get humiliated at the ballot box, he clung on in there on MPs expenses to the bitter end, suckling at the teat of public money for as long as possible, before denying the public a chance to pass verdict on him.

So where did he immediately head to once unemployed? Well, would you like to guess who has just joined Augusta Westland in an “international role”?

I suppose he is following a well troden path. the Sunlight centre registered this complaint in 2009

In March 2005 when Sir Kevin Tebbit was the permanent secretary the Defence Secretary at the time Geoff Hoon issued a statement announcing the MOD’s intention to let Augusta Westland build the future Lynx fleet of army helicopters.The decision was also made not to invite bids from other companies.Mr Hoon also said that ‘other key partners’ would include Smith industries in Cheltenham.Sir Kevin left the MOD in November 2005 and the final contract agreeing the price was signed off by the Treasury in May 2006.A month later in June 2006 Sir Kevin was signed up by the Smiths board.Then in May 2007 he was asked to be a chairman of Finmeccanica, the company which owns AugustaWestland in July 2007.

But of course it was always about making sure our forces had the best kit…

You corrupt evil lying bastards. People died because you were too busy lining your nest rather than supplying the things they needed to fight your wars.

Sometimes, I really do want to believe there’s a heaven. Because that means there’s a hell waiting for scum like this.

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He’s gone! finally, after they’ve crow barred his fingers from the doors and (hopefully) someone has put a stake through Mandlehoon to stop him rising yet again…

I keep reading about how sad and angry so many people are to see the Dave/Nick gestalt take over. Funny really how so many people who supported the ideals of fairness for all, diversity, inclusiveness and all the rest of that type of stuff are so quick to condemn Davey Boy for the fact his parents sent him to a posh school. They seem to espouse victimising people for the acts of their parents. Should we punish those who went to crap schools? of course not, but somehow a parent doing what they think is the best for their offspring (and although not daft enough to procreate myself so I can only assume many of you with rugrats would…) should mean that that child is to be penalised in later life. Bizarre. Seems their idea of fairness is subjective whether you like a person or not. I think I have more respect for people who cling to ideals not only when they’re easy, but when those ideals are inconvienient too.

Hopefully we’ll get the best of the Oh so Evil Tories/LimpDem alliance. More libertarian ideals and less government. In essence, leave me alone as much as possible. Bin the ID cards, referendums on big questions such as Europe, electoral reform and an English Parliament.

I’m sure that a majority of people are unhappy with the situation, more so than had any single party gained a majority. But if they can curtail the excesses of each other, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be unhappy a little bit as opposed to a few happy ones and the rest of us being seriously near to rioting…

Dizzy has a good take on it here

Election + day 5

Who’d have though it eh? Cleggy is busy putting himself about more than a chav slapper on a bucket of alco-pops and terminal lack of self respect, McDoom has fired the gun on the race to see if anyone can be as unpopular as him without actually stamping on kittens, and Davey Boy looks on aghast as the bird he thought was going home with him at the end of the party gets drunk on the chance of actually getting PR and decides she’ll sleep with anyone who promises to call her in the morning….

What a fucking farce. Democracy? You can shove it.

Chances are we’re going to end up with another unelected Prime Mentalist, put in power not by the will of the people but by the machinations of the smallest major party who came third in terms of seats and votes. We will be governed by back room deals, clandestine promises, machivellian threats and bluffs and still overseen by the Dark Lord of all that is evil Peter “not elected, twice resigned in disgrace, unaccountable, corrupt as the minster Mugabe thinks is a bit dodgy” Mandlehoon.

Mother of all Parliaments, really? Libya and Iran have offered to send election monitors next time…

And for those of you with a conspiratorial cynical slant of mind, what are the odds Davey Boy is laughing behind his hand? Think about it for moment…

Whoever gets in will inherit a poison chalice of epic proportions. The finances are so bad Ocean finance have turned us down for a loan and Greece is thinking “at least we don’t owe as much as the Brits!” and the results will be felt for years to come

A LimpDem-Lab coalition of the defeated will require another unelected PM, and will be associated with propping up a defeated and failed government, leading to the Tories (justifiably) claiming the old line “vote Liberal get Labour”

The Tories will probably have enough seats with the extra 1 to come, unionists etc to frustrate any legisaltion they really want to.

The Parliament will probably be short lived (CCHQ has just extended workers contracts for 5 months, obviously they expect another one before Xmas!)

Another election will come close to bankrupting Labour who could barely afford the last one…

…all in all, if they’re clever and take a longer term view (well longer than we seem to be taking at the moment lurching from one lurching to the next.) there might be a chance to bury the Stalinist central command economy liberty hating socialist for a generation, the only problem is with the deferring of taking drastic action to save the public finances, can we afford it?

So. Election Day +2. McDoom is still clinging to the curtains, awaiting the men in white coats. Dave and Nick are trying to decide which B&B to elope to, probably Brighton, meanwhile back in the real world, natural disaster, war, famine, pestilence carrying on as normal, young men we all sent to Afghanistan are still fighting and dying. With all the talk of electoral reform does it really mean we get more of a say or just that the same faces will try and spin the votes to suit them even more? Will we get referendum on important matters? Will we bollocks. EU Treaty? never you worry your pretty little heads. Foreign military action? oh, you don’t want to worry about that, have some more x-factor. Devolution for England to give it equal footing with the regions? Quick or you’ll miss the world cup…

A pox on all their houses.