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Forgive the lack of remembrance post, away drinking at a good friends wedding north of the wall in soon to be free Scotland! (great day, and great to see them so happy – best wishes for the future  – you know who you are!)

So back to it!

Rememberance also marked the passing of a proper British hero. Sir Rex Masterman Hunt KCMG, most famous as governor of the Falkland Islands at the time of the Argentine invasion.

During his career he also served as a Sptfire pilot, and having joined the Colonial and Diplomatic Services went on to serve in all the nicest location including postings in Uganda, Sarawak, Brunei, Turkey, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Malaysia and the Falkland Islands. Hunt was appointed the Consul-General at the British Embassy in Saigon in 1974 and was there at the time of the fall of South Vietnam in 1975.

The best snippets I have found are that as the Argentines closed in on Stanley, and with time short he sent all his staff to safety and having told them to take only their most valuable possession his housekeeper took a framed picture of HM Queen and a bottle of gin. As you would probably expect by now, knowing the sort of man he was, he remained with the few Royal Marines as his residence quickly became the centre of armed action in Stanley. Once all was obviously hopeless and to prevent needless loss of life, he ordered the Marines to lay down their arms. He then dressed in his formal uniform, including plumed hat, and met the Argentine commander whereupon he instructed him

“You have landed unlawfully on British territory and I order you to remove yourself and your troops forthwith”

In later life he was chairman of the Falkland Islands Association for many years and President of the UK Falkland Islands Trust. He retired in 2004 and moved to Yorkshire, and passed away in Stockton on Tees, fittingly perhaps, on remembrance day.

His self sacrifice and dedication to duty stands in stark contrast to the current self serving expense grasping jungle dwellers we seem afflicted with now.

Bravo Zulu Sir Rex.

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Just how low will a president go in order to justify their claims?

This week saw the airing of an Argentinian Olympic propaganda advert, featuring their hockey captain Fernando Zylberberg. There was a couple of issues, firstly why does a nation need an advert for something they’re invited to? Not sure. Secondly it features their hockey captain not only climbing over a war memorial to the Falklands war dead, but it was filmed in the Falklands without permission.

That they saw fit to sully a memorial in order to further a petty propaganda advert is outrageous. Why do we sit and take this? The Kelpers have freely decided to keep their home part of the UK and yet a neighbour seeks to annex them an do do nothing. Why they wouldn’t want to be run by a bankrupt country where they simply steals companies because they weren’t selling enough product cheaply enough to locals (although they left the percentage owned by Argentinians alone?). They are run by a president that seeks to change election law to be able to retain power after following her husband into power, and now looks to preserve the families power and wealth for her tubby offspring. What’s not to like?

And yet we sit there whilst embargoes and blockades are forced upon a peaceful population, we simply ignore the repeated diplomatic tirades, and turn the other cheek.

Despite the lack of naval airpower the UK possesses the military capability obliterate Argentinian air force and any Naval unit that risked attacking. We need to match that with a willingness to hit back economically and diplomatically. We are not dealing with a rational administration on this subject, CFK uses the issue to deflect attention from her power grab and economic implosion. we are dealing with an administration that uses the Olympics and war memorials to push a political fascist agenda to annex foreign territory, now when did we last see that?

Shame there is no Jesse Owens at these Olympics.

Falklands - Goose Green

Piece in the Grauniad about a little patch of the UK a long way away. Peter Peston writes that the future for the kelpers as he expects a mixture of military incompetence and political spinelessness to sell them out, and he justifies it all by the expense of protecting them.

He goes on to state

They’d get on far better if Argentina was a helpful neighbour.


Do we want to keep paying and paying as the decades roll away? Paying to sustain a little colony that can’t grow and prosper without fear.

So we should just roll back and abandon them because it is an expense and an inconvenience. You fucking Quisling.

We were happy to use the place when we needed a seabase in the Southern Atlantic, both military and for whaling. In 1833 when the british settled the Falklands the country Argentina did not even exist. The Islanders voted overwhelming in a free vote to remain British. If the right to expect to be defended is subject to simple expediency then why not give up all overseas territories? Like Scotland they receive a net subsidy from the exchequer, most are nearer a foreign state than Whitehall, and I am sure a foreign power would love to take them all on.

As for military capability. We are woefully deficient in carriers and carrier aircraft. That is not the same as defenceless. unfortunately the capabilities we do have mean more direct action if attacked, such as tomahawk strikes on the Argentine mainland, and our submarine fleet is more than capable of implementing a naval blockade. Both require the political nerve to cause larger death tolls than would otherwise be the case, but our lack of planning leaves little choice.

Ultimately it is a simple question.

Do we support British subjects in a far flung place, support the rule of law, and the right of self determination?
or do we abandon them for short term political gain and economic expediency?

It will not be easy, or pleasant, or cheap. But the first duty of the state is the protection of it’s citizens. Be it from terrorism or direct attack. if it cannot do that what other purpose can it serve?

For a fraction of what has been spent in overseas misadventures, or that is poured away in aid to countries that pursue nuclear weapon programs, or that is thrown at the idle who think they deserve wages equivalent to the top 10% of society we could fulfil our duty to our fellow Brits.

Any administration that sells them out should be forever labelled as traitors and hounded from office. I promise to never vote for or support any organisation that is party to collaboration in doing so. Maybe if enough promised to do the same they would realise the consequences of their actions.

So Mrs Clinton has decided that because Argentina wants to claim British Territories, where British subjects live and under the UN declared rights of self determination wish to remain British, where people are still living with the landmines from an unprovoked attack and occupation that cost British lives to repel, that we should all get round a table and talk about how we can sell them up the river?

Thanks for that Hil.

Thanks for reminding us why we’ve stood by the US through pretty much every shitstorm imaginable. Why our Prime Mentalist has sold out parlimentary democracy to help the US, ignored the need for UN resolutions to help the US, and caused traffic chaos in Wooton Basset primarily to help the US.

Now at the first sign of some tinpot right wing nutter seeking to bolster their position at home by leading a populist war (sounds familiar… where is Dubya now?) the Secreatry for State for the US jumps right in and, well, finds a fence to sit on.

Hillary Clinton said on September 13, 2001: “Every nation has to either be with us, or against us”

So are you with us or not Hil? Because if not, we will remember.

A very quick trawl of the Net revealed these… so does Hil recommend all disputed territories should have a good sit down and talk about it?

  • Bajo Nuevo Bank – Also claimed by Colombia, Jamaica and Nicaragua.
  • Navassa Island – Claimed by Haiti and privately via the Guano Islands Act.
  • Serranilla Bank – Also claimed by Colombia and Nicaragua
  • Wake Island – Claimed by the Marshall Islands
  • Machias Seal Island – Claimed by Canada
  • North Rock – Claimed by Canada
  • Strait of Juan de Fuca – Claimed by Canada
  • Dixon Entrance – Claimed by Canada
  • Portland Canal – Claimed by Canada
  • Beaufort Sea – Claimed by Canada
  • Swains Island – Claimed by Tokelau
  • and of course the Daddy of them all, Guantanamo. Which the current government of Cuba regards the U.S. presence in Guantánamo as illegal and insists the Cuban-American Treaty was obtained by threat of force in violation of international law
  • Just a thought…

    or be forever doomed to repeat it!

    1981. Sir John Knot defence review
    In a still infamous Defence White Paper announced his response to the massive recent increases in the size of the Soviet Navy – massive naval cuts for the RN! His plans included the sale of the small but brand new VSTOL harrier-carrier HMS Invincible to Australia, the two Fearless Class LPD’s to Argentina (amazingly!) and the withdrawl of the Ice Patrol vessel Endurance. This action contributed to the Argentine belief that Britain was unwilling and unable to defend her possessions in the South Atlantic

    April 1982
    At the beginning of the Falklands War, the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Henry Leach, had told British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher: “If we pussyfoot in our actions and do not achieve complete success, in a few months we shall be living in a different country whose word counts for little”.

    Fast Forward to the present.
    A massive cut in defence spending is imminent, the forces are facing an ever increasing demand for ever reducing manpower and equipment. For the last decade the Army has been at the forefront of an ongoing conflcit with no clear objective whilst the RN provides support. New Aircraft carriers may well appear like expensive status symbols to politicians eager to find headline catching items to cut. HMS Endurance faces an expensive repair bill in order to maintain an RN presence in remote regions the other side of the world. It would appear to the casual (or indeed foreign) observer that the UK is again signalling its intention to relinquish its rights in South Atlantic and Antarctic, along with a reduction in its amphibious and seabourne air power.

    We are already seeing the results

    It is upon the Navy, under the good providence of God, that the Wealth, Safety and Strength of the Kingdom do chiefly depend.

    This was laid down in the first Articles of War. It is carved into the edifice of the Britannia Royal Naval College for every Officer under training to stare at whilst on parade (trust me on this, you have little else to do for hours on end). It is as valid a doctrine now as it ever was.

    The population of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and other dependencies are British. They were born British, are fiercely loyal to the UK, and deserve our support whether there are natural resources under their land or not. Yes, they are few in number, but if this is a simple game of arithmetic then why not hand the Channel Islands to France? or Northern Ireland to Eire?

    We must retain the ability to act militarily without host nation support. These are skills and infrastructures that take generations to build and develop, and a single defence review to destroy. There will not always be friendly convienient airfields to fly from, or friendly ports to ship supplies to. The ability to project power from a fleet into the littoral is vital and we surrender it at our, and our dependencies peril.