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Sorry no other way of saying it really.

Geoff BuffHoon was about the most unpopular Defence Secretary in modern times. He was inept to put it mildly. He also awarded massive defence contract in 2005 to Monolithic Global merchants of death Augusta Westland to the tune of some £1,700,000,000. Not unusual you might say, the forces have to buy their kit somewhere. What was unusual was that no other company was invited to bid… Amazingly the national archive webpage containing some of those details appears to no longer be up… But thank google for it’s cache! you can see a small part here

Forward to 2010. Hoon is one of the highly principled Labour ministers caught on tape whoring themselves out for a few grand. Ministers in the mother of parliaments indeed.

Anyway, rather than get humiliated at the ballot box, he clung on in there on MPs expenses to the bitter end, suckling at the teat of public money for as long as possible, before denying the public a chance to pass verdict on him.

So where did he immediately head to once unemployed? Well, would you like to guess who has just joined Augusta Westland in an “international role”?

I suppose he is following a well troden path. the Sunlight centre registered this complaint in 2009

In March 2005 when Sir Kevin Tebbit was the permanent secretary the Defence Secretary at the time Geoff Hoon issued a statement announcing the MOD’s intention to let Augusta Westland build the future Lynx fleet of army helicopters.The decision was also made not to invite bids from other companies.Mr Hoon also said that ‘other key partners’ would include Smith industries in Cheltenham.Sir Kevin left the MOD in November 2005 and the final contract agreeing the price was signed off by the Treasury in May 2006.A month later in June 2006 Sir Kevin was signed up by the Smiths board.Then in May 2007 he was asked to be a chairman of Finmeccanica, the company which owns AugustaWestland in July 2007.

But of course it was always about making sure our forces had the best kit…

You corrupt evil lying bastards. People died because you were too busy lining your nest rather than supplying the things they needed to fight your wars.

Sometimes, I really do want to believe there’s a heaven. Because that means there’s a hell waiting for scum like this.

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