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The government says so.

Ever paid cash in hand for anything? Of course you have. That little job for the garden? Or that quick plumbing fix you needed? A quick spray on the car door where you scraped it? A quick £50 and no receipt?

According to treasury Minister David Gaukes in the Telegraph

“I think it is morally wrong. It is illegal for the plumber but it is pretty implicit in those circumstances that there is a reason why there is a discount for cash. That is a large part of the hidden economy

A heinous crime apparently. However I find it morally repugnant that the cretins in Parliament lied and cheated their way into pocketing vast amounts of these taxes that someone had to actually earn. So how did he vote when we wanted to know what they were doing with our cash?

20 Apr 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Keep disclosure for MPs’ expenses — absent
20 Apr 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Exempt only correspondence — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — That the Question now be proposed – absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Continue to disclose MPs’ correspondence — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Exempt constituents’ letters only — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading absent
30 Apr 2009 MPs’ financial interests — Full and complete registration – absent
30 Apr 2009 MPs’ expenses — No lower limit for declaration – absent

Data from They Work for You and PublicWhip.Org

Curiously quiet on the subject in fact.

I’ll tell you what I find immoral. That an ex-PM shredded documents so they couldn’t be examined. That nepotism runs rife and couples exploited loopholes to pocket £10,000s of extra cash. That some of the bastards outright lied to steal more money. I could go on for ages, if you feel the need to rage then just read this.

So what else did the burbling hypocrite go on about? (and on and on to be honest…)

Where arrangements are artificial, where they are contrived, and designed for the purpose of reducing National Insurance contributions for the employer or the employee, then those artificial arrangements are such that they do constitute tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is tax avoidance

Well yes tax avoidance is tax avoidance. Obviously a genius of the English language there. What it is not is tax evasion. The two things are very different. One is illegal (evasion) , the other is organising your affairs within the law to minimise your tax burden. Given the way the morons piss it away when you do give it to them why wouldn’t you? But from his speech you would imagine that anyone who profits from helping people minimise tax are also repugnant immoral monsters, stealing vital resources from terminally ill orphans and spitting in the faces of pensioners? These worshippers at the altar of mammon such as corporate tax lawyers who help corporations avoid billions in tax.

Someone such as Rachael Gauke in fact. Wife to the aforementioned hypocitical shit spouting piss stain of a public sector leach.

So still feeling bad for paying that gardener in tenners?