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BBC radio 4 is dangerous. This morning I think I nearly burst a blood vessel listening to the piece on universal credit. If you think I make this stuff up check the iPlayer for about 0720 on the Today program..

Anyway, to the point. Universal credit pilot schemes were the hot topic this morning. They had duly wheeled in some of those about to be effected. Of particular note was the “disabled” lorry driver. His name escapes me, let’s call him Jim for the minute.

So, Jim was a driver for many years and then struck down by some form of illness (he did not specify) that prevents him doing any work. Not just driving but anything. Nope, can’t write, can’t read, can’t lift a sheet of paper or press keys on a keyboard. None of it.

The interviewer put it to him that the new scheme (whether it functions that way or not) was intended to ensure that if he worked, however little that he would be better off. Nope, couldn’t possibly. If he worked he would lose. No matter what the interviewer said he was adamant and refused to accept that you could possibly be better off. So no point is there?

Then the real blood boiler. He was told that all your benefits would be rolled up and paid in one payment to the claimant. a recipe for chaos, death, destruction, homelessness and destitution apparently. People can’t be expected to have to remember to pay bills or rent! Nope the state should do all that for them. They should be able to live effectively as pampered pets because it’s all just so stressful and doesn’t help Jim ‘s illness, which is incurable you know? But of course Jim still needs a big house so his kids can come stay (divorced, quel surprise?) This man cannot be responsible enough to take money given to him for free and move it from one place to another. He cannot be trusted to be treated like an adult to have to fill out a direct debit form, or sign a cheque, or simply go to the post office and make a fucking payment with the money that is given to him for nothing. Jim is angry that someone expects him to be trustworthy enough to pay the rent with money he is given to maintain the house his kids come to, but he thinks it his human right to be trusted in sole charge of children. Jim lost his right to be treated like an adult long ago.

Do I appear bereft of sympathy and the milk of human kindness? That’s because I am. Jim serves no purpose, he refuses to make an iota of effort to help himself. He wallows in his illness and victimhood. To be utterly honest I wish he’d hurry up and die. Given the choice of having the wages I spent years getting training and experience to be able to earn, the money I drag my arse out of bed for every working day and spend the bulk of my week away from the people I’d rather spend it with, the money taken from me by threat of force, that money; given the choice, I’d rather it went to people I care about, rather than a lazy waster who cannot even manage to take that money given to him for free and be bothered to pay a bill that benefits him with it.

Jim wants to be treated like cattle. To be housed, fed and entertained. All without any effort on his part. So treat him like one. Cattle do not get a say in how the farm is run. They are simply herded from the field to the abattoir. The American revolutionaries used the slogan “No taxation without representation”. If the equation is taxation=representation, then the opposite is also true. If you do not pay tax you should not get a say in how it is spent.

Just once, I’d love the interviewer to ask “what have you done to help yourself?”… Mind you, they’d probably ask for a helper to answer for them. too much like hard work.

So it’s all kicked off. Dodgy Dave says he want’s to stay in but you can have a say, Red Ed reckons we can produce more turnips with our euro partners and it’s all so confusing if we allow a vote. Stroppy Nigel is laughing away like someone who’s farted in a lift and legged it, and to be honest does anyone really care about Nick?

What next?

The commentators and political class seem to assume referendum = out vote. Not convinced my self. But I stick to certain principles (see I do have some)

First up, no-one born after 1957 has ever been allowed to have a say on European membership. The last vote in 1975 was for an economic community. Not a political federalisation. That is wrong.

A referendum may give short term instability, but in the long term…
An out vote takes away an excuse for all our woes. We can at least have more control over the UK.
An in vote gives the government an actual mandate for negotiating and taking a fuller part in the EU.

Not having a referendum will ensure the matter continues to be endlessly talked about, questioned and the feeling of undemocratic imposition by faceless bureaucrats continues.

In short referendum good whatever the outcome. So lets get it over and done with.

Good article on reuters discussing quantative easing (QE). To you and me, that is the central bank simply printing money.

The Telegraph carries comments from members past and present of the monetary policy committee describing the haphazard and ineffective approach the Bank Of England has taken to the subject. The main problem being that in releasing some £375bn (yes, billions) of cheap money to the financial sector the banks have simply hoarded it to use as cheap capital to underwrite all their previous bad decisions. Preventing the cash from having the boost effect to the economy it was intended to in order to lift the UK economic prospects for growth

The Reuters article argues that since giving this money to banks does not work, why not give it to the people?

It lists several arguments against. Chiefly that people will exhibit the same behaviour as banks and hoard it, or that it will act against the requirement for moral hazard when making spending decisions.

The first argument ignores the fact that in saving the money populations will significantly reduce their debt levels, increases banks capital and free up marginal incomes for spending. Thereby encouraging growth and reducing the overall debt burden. The hoped for effects by a circuitous route.

The second, regarding moral hazard could be valid.

So I propose amending the idea. Instead of simply handing out the cash, use it to cancel all lower rate income tax for a year.

Think about that. No-one pays lower rate income tax. For a year. What you earn you keep.

Expensive? Certainly. But since we have already handed out £375bn to bankers who have track records for being lying thieving amoral scum why not simply leave the money with people who earn it to spend? Surprisingly it would be cheaper as well. According to HMRC income tax yielded £283bn between PAYE and general income tax last year.

Lower rate taxes are far more likely to be used to reduce household debt and get spent on goods. The feel-good factor would also permeate society; the largest impact would be to improve the lot of those in low paid work where the relative gains would be largest.

It would also not benefit those who make no financial contribution to the economy. In short, there would be no extra reward for not working.

So, good news for workers, low paid and in turn it would filter through to companies banks. Good news for the exchequer as it’s cheaper than simply throwing it at corrupt banks. Incredibly simple (and therefore cheap) to administrate…

What’s not to like?

Ex-Northern Rock shareholders are blubbing that they weren’t compensated when the government took control of their bank as it lay dying, haemorrhaging money as account holders deserted it in the first run on a UK bank in decades…

They claim…

“This summed up all of our thoughts when our Committee learned of an unbelievable ‘decision’ whereby the European Court of Human Rights has decided that the case made under Property Rights Law Article 1 of Protocol No 1 will not be heard in the European Court.”

for any interested the protocol stated…

This imposes an obligation on the State not to:
interfere with peaceful enjoyment of property;
deprive a person of their possessions; or
subject a person’s possession to control.
However, there will be no violation of this right if such interference, deprivation or control is carried out lawfully and in the public interest.

Of course, they want their compensation since their mismanagement lead to the bank being taken into state control when it was separated into 2 trading entities, a “good” and “bad” bank, with the good being sold of to Virgin for £747m.

No doubt it has been cheaper in the long run for the state than actually letting the bank die and then compensating the account holders, it also limited the damage to the economy. It also illustrates the disconnect between businesses and shareholders. They seem to believe they are entitled to the benefits of company ownership without any of the risks.

So how to address this?

Well firstly no compensation if your company goes bust. In fact some form of limited liability beyond the shares themselves would encourage active participation in the governance of a company.

Further, when companies are fined for criminal or illegal acts shareholders what real impact does it have beyond a cost that is ultimately passed onto the customers? Particularly pointless in the case of utilities or monopolies. What I would propose is that fines are levied directly from shareholders, divided equally per share. It may be that the companies compensate them in the form of increased dividends. Fine, no problems there. But the actual act of having to pay would again encourage a bit more interest in corporate governance and ethics. Same as you miss having to pay the tax office direct far more than if it’s deducted at source.

Either way, if you want the freedom to take the profits from invested wealth, then you are also free to take the consequences when it fails.

The advertising, the endless drip of North Korean style you must be happy hysterical propaganda, the relentless stream of (LOCOG approved naturally) advertising.

Now this… You are not even allowed to post a link to their website unless…

Links to the Site. You may create your own link to the Site, provided that your link is in a text-only format. You may not use any link to the Site as a method of creating an unauthorised association between an organisation, business, goods or services and London 2012, and agree that no such link shall portray us or any other official London 2012 organisations (or our or their activities, products or services) in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise objectionable manner. The use of our logo or any other Olympic or London 2012 Mark(s) as a link to the Site is not permitted. View our guidelines on Use of the Games’ Marks.

So no saying nasty things about them ok? Like it’s a colossal waste of our money when we’re broke. That for a glorified egg and spoon jamboree that was supposed to benefit the country it only seems to benefit Coke and MacDonald’s. That it is simply fucking outrageous that troops have lost leave to provide cover for the farce that is the home office and G4S. That from now on I will do my best to avoid any product or service that is an official supporter of the Olympics

Of course I can’t link to their website now so you can find which corporations to avoid for yourself.

I can link here though

And again, it fails because once you are outside the UK their law does not apply to the internet you morons.

Just how low will a president go in order to justify their claims?

This week saw the airing of an Argentinian Olympic propaganda advert, featuring their hockey captain Fernando Zylberberg. There was a couple of issues, firstly why does a nation need an advert for something they’re invited to? Not sure. Secondly it features their hockey captain not only climbing over a war memorial to the Falklands war dead, but it was filmed in the Falklands without permission.

That they saw fit to sully a memorial in order to further a petty propaganda advert is outrageous. Why do we sit and take this? The Kelpers have freely decided to keep their home part of the UK and yet a neighbour seeks to annex them an do do nothing. Why they wouldn’t want to be run by a bankrupt country where they simply steals companies because they weren’t selling enough product cheaply enough to locals (although they left the percentage owned by Argentinians alone?). They are run by a president that seeks to change election law to be able to retain power after following her husband into power, and now looks to preserve the families power and wealth for her tubby offspring. What’s not to like?

And yet we sit there whilst embargoes and blockades are forced upon a peaceful population, we simply ignore the repeated diplomatic tirades, and turn the other cheek.

Despite the lack of naval airpower the UK possesses the military capability obliterate Argentinian air force and any Naval unit that risked attacking. We need to match that with a willingness to hit back economically and diplomatically. We are not dealing with a rational administration on this subject, CFK uses the issue to deflect attention from her power grab and economic implosion. we are dealing with an administration that uses the Olympics and war memorials to push a political fascist agenda to annex foreign territory, now when did we last see that?

Shame there is no Jesse Owens at these Olympics.

Come on, why wouldn’t you want high level diplomatic discussions and delicate treaties to be settled like this?

and in this spirit, I think Her Majesties Government would only be improved by this…(starts at 3:20 deliberately!)

Yet another investigation into the abuse of children by Catholic priests that were subsequently covered up by institutional secrecy.

The Dutch report estimates that 10,000-20,000 minors were abused in the care of Catholic institutions between 1945 and 1981.

There have already been investigations in Germany, Ireland, Canada, Belguim and the US. The Church has tried to cover up, hide and prevent the police investigating these crimes, preferring to maintain it’s authority and punish priests were it has to by placing them in seminaries out of the way.

Think about it for a moment.
Tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of children. The most vulnerable kids placed in their trust as they needed care, and they were abused, and then they helped shield the abusers from justice.

If this were any other organisation it would have been hounded and sued into oblivion, it’s name would become a byword for hypocrisy, corruption and disgrace. A Dutch Bishop went as far as saying

“This episode fills us with shame and sorrow”

Just what does it take before they put an end to this medieval, oppressive bastion of ignorance of tyranny. Perhaps a new years wish should be for enlightenment for us to put an end to this superstitious rubbish that has ruined so many children’s lives. Now that would be a good way to see in a year in the second decade of the 21st century.

Following the local Gazette newspapers new crusade to expose the corruption and piss taking by local MP Stuart Bell, (I know he’s got a knighthood I just cannot bring myself to use it) I though I would have a look at his website, and very telling it is to… is very slick, and so it should be, it cost the taxpayer enough to set up and was designed by Price Associates a top notch media company. nothing wrong there, but given that he is an MP for a town with the cutting edge University facilities for internet and digital media courses and associated local economy – you’d think he’d maybe want to support  the local economy a bit by putting some of those £5000 per week taxes he’s costing us back in it?

So what does the ever elusive Bell spend his media allowance on?

Well the first page on the menu describes parliament. A nice filler I guess, thats about it though.

Next comes the Biography, mainly about how well he did in his beloved France etc, membership of a union and so on. How he wrote a work for the Fabians entitled “how to abolish the house of Lords”. It it truly amazing the damascene conversion that takes place when troughing entitlement monkeys like him are able to get a piece of the pie. For someone who once wrote how to abolish the mainstay of the peerage system he didn’t put up much of a fight when a knighthood came calling! I’m also willing to bet that should a peerage become available he doesn’t refuse…also for a member of a party that is vocally opposed to hereditary patronage, elitism etc. he maintains membership of a 16th century once all male club, The Beefsteak Club (the only labour member apparently)

Possibly my favourite statement is in describing Middlesbrough

“Unemployment remains low, aspiration among young people is higher”

Which is odd. Given that the ONS statistics in the 3 months to June this year show Boro as the 4th worst place for unemployment in the country. It had 9.1% unemployment.  Perhaps this doddery old fart of an expenses pit is just a bit slack updating the website? Think again. the situation was even worse last year. In November 2010 Boro was THE worst place for unemployment. Just how big a self serving prick do you have to be to then write on your website “Unemployment is low”? Why not just walk round to some unemployed persons house and piss on the carpet whilst you’re at it? Then wipe your shoes with an expenses claim form and wander off laughing.

Don’t believe me? The below is a screen shot from the 11 Sep 2011, a week after this all kicked off. You’d think a competent person would at least check their own website given the degree of exposure they are receiving? Or is it just another example of the contempt he displays for the little people?

Lastly for now, and probably most damning, is the advertising of his “literary” works on an MPs website paid for by you the taxpayer. Apparently you pay for a website to help him supplement his meagre £65,000 wages (and £35,000 he pays his wife on expenses to be an office manager for an office that does not exist) by selling his books. Not only does he profit as author, but also as publisher since he a registered shareholder of SpenView Ltd, a private holding company which owns the shares of SpenView Communications Ltd and SpenView Publications Ltd

So is it legal to use a taxpayer funded .org website set up for MPs communications (Dawkins knows he does little enough of it) with the electorate to sell your own books written whilst being paid to be an MP? I suspect there is some weasely loop hole that he would escape through, but gut feeling? Corrupt self serving bastard.

So Tottenham is to be twinned with Mogadishu? it certainly appears that way.

I’ve no more idea what actually happened in the cataltyst event than anyone on the streets last night so I’ll make no comment on that.

Two things do strike me though.

Firstly this was in no way a protest for justice. None of them would even recognise Mark Duggan who was shot by police and therefore instantly transformed into a peace loving angelic figure who helped old ladies cross the road and rescued kittens. It was not a cry against cuts, or lack of libraries or a failure to embrace diversity in ethnic backgrounds.

It was scum who were intent on violence, destruction and materialistic gain for there own ends. A feral underclass who have never been forced to realise that ther are responsibilities as well as rights, with a healthy dose ofthe well to-do anarchist movement who see disorder as a lifestyle choice. Cowards who want everything and are prepared to give nothing, who claim to support a bereaved family by torching London buses and support their community by burning shops and looting TVs. Wasters who think a human right is the right to an iPhone, £200 trainers and the right to deal drugs without interference from “the man”.

In short, oxygen thieves and a waste of DNA.

The second thing that struck me was the Police reaction. Obviously we all have the luxury of being armchair generals on this. but it would appear that they are hamstrung in the ability to respond for fear of upsetting some community leader or another. Would we have seem them allow such behaviour for so long from football fans? I fear not. These animals were shielded by the fear of racism. Predominantly ethnic minorites who use their race as an excuse for their behaviour. Who cry persecution if you accuse them of behaving like animals when they behave like animals.

All people should be treate equally. Everyone should have the same right to being arrested for trying to burn a cornershop or police car…

So my contribution to this debate. A suggestion to help the police in an all too difficult role where they will be criticised whatever they do.

We should supply a container of these

and because the bodycount may be a bit politcally incorrect we can moderate their firepower with big fun bags of these.