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Snow 70
So the weather forecasters predict…the horror!.. a couple of inches of snow. Cue panic buying, torrents of news articles, even the predictable complaints about government funding or the lack thereof to snow related activities.

It’s snow. It happens in winter. Despite the outpourings of anguish over “how will we cope?” I distinctly remember it happening before.

It does amply illustrate how we have become so detached from the world about us that an inch or two of snow can cause such panic. We scream like toddlers if something does not happen the way we want it to. We cram our homes full of iPods, giant flat screen TVs and the latest yearly offering from the DFS january sale and yet people cannot spend a couple of quid on a bag of flour, some yeast, and some candles just in case, and then time to learn how to fend for themselves.

Perhaps it is this fear of quiet that drives it. The creeping question of what to do when there is no-one to entertain you at the flick of a switch. That you might have to actually engage conscious thought.

I hope we have not gone too far yet. I love snow. I love the bright white happy monochromed world that greets you as you wake up before the sunrises and realise work will be a mere intermission today as you spend every spare second acting like child. Not the screaming brat who demands his TV program but the one who throws snowballs, makes a snowman and sees just how far his 4×4 will get up the hills before he chickens out…

Don’t listen to the news, snow is nothing to fear. It’s healthy for routine to get a kick up it’s stuffy arse occasionally. Enjoy it while you can!

Rage does not even come close right now.

Tragedy has struck in a school. Nearly 30 children and their teachers lay dead at the hands of a rabid whackjob. I will leave the gun control debate for another, calmer, less grief stricken day.

But in the midst of so much agony, whilst parents are either full of pain or holding their children tight. When every sane person struggles to comprehend what has happened, Bryan Fisher, a director at the disturbingly ironic American Family Association and who hosts on a radio station had this to say.

I will warn you now. Put down anything that can be thrown at the screen. Ensure young children are out of earshot of anything you may yell.

That’s right. He blames the families and society for God allowing their kids to die. Whilst people are still in hospital fighting for their lives he already bangs his hate filled drum.

I struggle for an adjective adequate to describe my utter contempt and loathing for this man. If a dog behaved in such a manner you would have it put down.

I support free speech in all it’s forms. But this tests me.

If this is his religion in action, I would happily burn his church, his altars and his bibles. This is a cancer amongst civilisation and it needs to be treated.

Like the man who pulled the trigger today he is simply broken. His mind so warped to be beyond repair, and on these rare and unfortunate occasions perhaps a simplest, most effective and in the longer term kindest solution is a bullet.

I have downloaded this vid, to be reposted on youtube when they inevitably take it down. The world needs to be reminded what these people say.

Forgive the lack of remembrance post, away drinking at a good friends wedding north of the wall in soon to be free Scotland! (great day, and great to see them so happy – best wishes for the future  – you know who you are!)

So back to it!

Rememberance also marked the passing of a proper British hero. Sir Rex Masterman Hunt KCMG, most famous as governor of the Falkland Islands at the time of the Argentine invasion.

During his career he also served as a Sptfire pilot, and having joined the Colonial and Diplomatic Services went on to serve in all the nicest location including postings in Uganda, Sarawak, Brunei, Turkey, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Malaysia and the Falkland Islands. Hunt was appointed the Consul-General at the British Embassy in Saigon in 1974 and was there at the time of the fall of South Vietnam in 1975.

The best snippets I have found are that as the Argentines closed in on Stanley, and with time short he sent all his staff to safety and having told them to take only their most valuable possession his housekeeper took a framed picture of HM Queen and a bottle of gin. As you would probably expect by now, knowing the sort of man he was, he remained with the few Royal Marines as his residence quickly became the centre of armed action in Stanley. Once all was obviously hopeless and to prevent needless loss of life, he ordered the Marines to lay down their arms. He then dressed in his formal uniform, including plumed hat, and met the Argentine commander whereupon he instructed him

“You have landed unlawfully on British territory and I order you to remove yourself and your troops forthwith”

In later life he was chairman of the Falkland Islands Association for many years and President of the UK Falkland Islands Trust. He retired in 2004 and moved to Yorkshire, and passed away in Stockton on Tees, fittingly perhaps, on remembrance day.

His self sacrifice and dedication to duty stands in stark contrast to the current self serving expense grasping jungle dwellers we seem afflicted with now.

Bravo Zulu Sir Rex.

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Big news apparently!
Homophobe and unelected Bishop, son of lady Williams of Elvel, long time oil exec and product of bastions of privilege Eton and Trinity college Cambridge, Justin Welby, to become head of unelected and tax evading cult!

Of course those who claim he was elected are technically right, although despite heading an organisation that profits from centuries of tax breaks and state funding you were not offered a vote, in fact the selection panel consisted of

  • Chair – the Rt Hon the Lord Luce KG, GCVO
  • The Reverend Canon Clare Edwards, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • Mr Aiden Hargreaves-Smith – Diocese of London – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • Mr Raymond Harris, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • Professor Glynn Harrison – Diocese of Bristol – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • Mrs Mary Johnston – Diocese of London – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • Mr David Kemp, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • The Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan, Primate of The Church in Wales, elected by the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion
  • The Rt Revd James Newcome, the Bishop of Carlisle – elected by House of Bishops
  • The Very Revd Andrew Nunn – Diocese of Southwark – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • The Rt Revd Michael Perham, the Bishop of Gloucester – elected by House of Bishops
  • The Reverend Canon Mark Roberts, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • Mrs Caroline Spencer, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • The Revd Canon Peter Spiers – Diocese of Liverpool – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • The Revd Canon Glyn Webster – Diocese of York – elected by General Synod to serve as members of the Commission for a five year period
  • The Right Reverend Trevor Willmott, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • In addition, the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments( Ms Caroline Boddington), ), the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary (Sir Paul Britton) and the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion (Revd Canon Kenneth Kearon) are non-voting members of the Commission

In fact much the opposite; You are not permitted any say on the running of his organisation which benefits from state acquiescence on a massive scale, yet since he was appointed to the house of lords he gets to vote on acts of the house and was even appointed to Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards in 2012.
Good to know that we’re moving forward into the 21st century on the whole accountability, transparency and equality things isn’t it?

Two news stories that have been dragging on that to me share some bleak and disturbing similarities.

First up Jimmy Saville. Now bereft of headstone, reputation and venues named after him, despite as yet being convicted of nothing. It is alleged he carried out decades worth of abuse of children and vulnerable adults in places such as the BBC, Great Ormand Street, Leeds hospital (where he was a volunteer porter), and numerous other places.

Now a multitude of voices crawl out of the wordwork to pour fuel on the flames as they stoke up the witchburning. Now the man is dead, now the abused children are damaged, now the accusers have nothing to fear, now the horse has well and truly bolted, they speak out.

That Saville was a weirdo and probably a molester is no surprise I think. What shocks is the sheer number of people that must have known, must have covered the facts, in effect must have facilitated his abuse.

If you knew what was going on, truly knew, and did nothing, you are an accomplice. You left children and sick young adults unable to defend for themselves to the clutches of an abuser. You put your job or career before them. You should be named and shamed.

Second story is that of Lance Armstrong. Wonder boy and darling of the new super-sport cycling now exposed as drugs cheat and bully. He is alleged to have systematically doped and encouraged others to do so. He is alleged to have threatened other riders to capitulate to his demands, threatened reporters who wrote articles he disagreed with or that threatened to tarnish his teflon reputation as the hero who defeated cancer. Again people knew, and did nothing.

But the thing that really joins the two events, the thing that makes my blood boil, is the defence I have seen on more than one occasion.

“But think of the charitable work they did”

They got away with their crimes in part because they raised cash for good works. They were shielded and tolerated because they helped fund hospitals, or research. They used photogenic kids in dire medical need as a cover for their activities. In effect, allow me to carry on or little timmy suffers. People rationalised the harm they did as it allowed them to keep their job, or carry on their research. They put their own goals first and profited from the crimes.

The fact they raised a few million that was put to good use does not absolve them from their crimes. Or do we just put a price on abuse? Million quid per small child? or 2 years of drugs cheating?

They perverted what should have been good and noble activities to be little more than covers, and if you use that answer in any way as an excuse for allowing them to continue you were an accomplice too.

I believe that “but think of the charity they bring in” will now be termed the Armstrong-Saville defence…

OK, harsh language warning here. Not sure I will contain my self.

Try watching this.

Pretty batshit crazy yep? All that science guff is just plain wrong apparently. All that physics shit, and biology that’s obviously wrong. Chemistry? nah don’t need it. Medicine as it is based on all sciences is just secondary bullshit for witchdoctors then. Evolution? The work of satan.

as he unequivocably states in the vid
“God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology, Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell,”

Bad enough he is destroying minds, communicating some sort of verbal pathogen that prevents conscious thought and inquiry. Bad enough that gullible people are not protected from his propaganda. But he is in fact a senator of the committee for Science and Technology. You did not read that wrong. Science and technology. The spending power of the US on matters of Science and Tech is in the hands of this fuckwit.

What next? Abu Hamza to return and be put in charge of airport security?

How can someone using a microphone, electricity and TV calmly and seriously espouse that all science is shit and we are on a ball of rock a mere 9000 years old and all put here by a being that now refuses to show himself.

Has he had a stroke or some such unfortunate incident that renders his cerebral faculties to those of a fucking badger after it’s been hit by an 18 wheeler? It can only be something like that. Earth? took just 6 days. Fossils were put there for a laugh obviously and all you engineers? you’re fucked as PI is in fact three.(1 Kings 7:23)

I love that these nutjobs laugh at evolution and the idea that traits are passed on. Wonder what he would say if Mrs Whackjob presented him a mixed race baby and claimed it’s his – just “the lord works in mysterious ways” I suspect he might ask science for a DNA test a bit fucking sharpish.

Or all that other science crap. You know the geology one that finds oil to pay for the companies that pay for his brown envelopes?

or all the bio-chemistry that provides all the drugs he’ll use to put off joining his fantastic fairly tale ever after land?

Think he’s bad? Incidentally, Broun is joined on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee by Todd Akin. He claims that women can control their own bodies in the event of being raped to stop getting pregnant by their attackers. So any baby that results is obviously one they are responsible for… and of course abortion doctors carry out the procedures on women who aren’t in fact pregnant.

Religion is like polonium 210. There is no safe level. It is all toxic to your well being and has no place in a civilised world.

How to deliver 10,000lb of diplomacy

Even now, when the memorial to the tens of thousands that died in Bomber Command finally battled through the apologist do-gooders barrage of politically correct AA, the Bomber Command Association have been left holding a bill which may see some of the 90 year old veterans who are trustees face losing their homes.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said it had made an exception to contribute more than £1.5m. Big fucking deal. That’s less than £27 per man that gave his life. Thats less than 60% of the annual budget the MoD spends on full time union staff. For an organisation where the men and women in uniform who actually risk their lives cannot even be a member of a union by law.

If MP’s used less than 7% of the amount the greedy troughing bastard ingrates claimed as expenses in the last 12 months (£89,400,000) it would have paid for the memorial in its entirety (£6m), meaning the MoD would not have had to contribute at all.

If we used less than 23% of the money we pissed away in the socialist McCartney-fest of an olympics opening ceremony (£27,000,000) it would have shown we respected the 55,573 men who gave their lives as much as Harry Potter.

These men were forgotten for over 50 years. Their sacrifice deemed unworthy in the post war hand-wringing by intelligentsia and do-gooders. Their families without a memorial to their loved ones. Make no mistake. Without them we would not have beaten tyranny. But unlike so many other services, their memories were swept under carpets, quietly ignored, and made to be a source of embarrassment instead of pride.

So instead of a few extra pints and a kebab that you intended to leave on the pavement over the weekend, how about helping 92 year old RAF Bomber Command veteran Gordon Mellor and his few surviving friends keep their homes now the bastards have dumped the bill on him?

I donated here. RAF Bomber Command Memorial Fund

Political brouhaha of the day is Cleggs draft speech on gay marriage. Allegedly it was to contain the lines

Continued trouble in the economy gives the bigots a stick to beat us with, as they demand we “postpone” the equalities agenda in order to deal with “the things people really care about”. As if pursuing greater equality and fixing the economy simply cannot happen at once

According to the Beeb Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey said the remarks were “very offensive” and continued

…If he persists in taking that view I and others would be very offended…To be called a bigot is a very offensive statement and I would ask him to recall it…because there are issues here that demand very serious debate

So an ex unelected head of a tax avoiding private members club that wishes to impose it’s views and culture on others objects to being called a bigot?

I think I’ve got news for him. Websters defines bigot as;

a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

I think seeking to prevent an entire group of the population to call their social partnering marriage on the grounds of a collection of fairy tales which is by no means universally regarded and has no place in law qualifies as obstinate intolerance.

In which case he is a fucking bigot with bells on. He should feel free to be as offended as he likes, much as I am sure many in the gay community do at the pronouncements of the sanctimonious self appointed keeper of morals.

Now if only Clegg had the balls to see it through, he may just have won some respect for having convictions.

OK, so whilst having the utmost respect for the nasty and necessary job the boys in blue do, it is no secret that my opinion of the leadership of Cleveland Police is along the lines of corrupt Keystone Cops.

So this week the local Judiciary have been joining in the fray!

First up, the Deupty Chief Constable suspended on full pay now for over 12 months has a good whine about how tough it has been being on bail for corruption. Never mind the fact that plenty of people are remanded in jail and then found innocent. Oh no he has it far worse. he had to cope with a level shame, no doubt brought about by the 7 allegation of fraud and corruption he is facing as part of an investigation being led by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Then a local judge says “It takes courage to burgle someone’s home”. (Obviously in future now home-owners are getting tooled up it may well do…)

Judge Peter Bowers decided that Richard Rochford, 26, had been “harmed by prison” and “I think prison very rarely does anybody any good,”

Why is this cretin allowed to sit on a judges bench? What sort of imbecile gets to decide, or what evidence is he blackmailing someone with to keep this job?

In case you think it is all a misunderstanding. Apparently the liitle darling was “harmed” when he acquired a drug habit (not his own fault naturally) whilst serving 3 years for arson and reckless and possible endangerment of life. Not of an empty building but of his girlfriend, Helen Wards house at the time (who was thick enough to take him back). they have of course since shit out some spawn which in due course will no doubt become the proud owner of an ASBO, drug habit, criminal record and more benefits than you and I can name. Again the arson was a misunderstanding according to the dumb bint. As she says “I knew there was absolutely no way he would do it”. Apart from soaking the place in petrol and lighting a paper then dropping it in aforementioned petrol that is…

That relationship was so successful that it was a different woman Amy Kyme who stood lookout for him whilst committing a string of burglaries. Just shows what good judge of character these stupid women are. Her brief Peter Wishlade, defended her by saying she had no previous convictions, said she was “distinctly remorseful” and unlikely to end up in court again. No doubt because despite already having one child in her care, and and managing to be spawning again she went on a burgalry spree and developed a drug habit, obviously making her a reliable character?

Why bother? If you are scum enough and laugh at the law there are little if any repercussions. Better if you catch a burglar to do us all a favour and shoot them, and don’t aim for the legs.

This idiot of a judge has even made me inclined to agree with a politician, although I suspect his version of self defence and mine may differ by quite a bit.. After agreeing with a politician I feel soiled and degraded and need a shower.

Tricky one isn’t it?

Just how much do you value your body? It appears that it is wildly different depending on your employer. If you are in the public sector, and especially local authorities I am afraid, it is a cultural right to “get your claim in”. It was one of the thing I despised about the entitlement culture in Local Authorities that gives any benefits office a run for its money An example is a trip and a groin strain… how much do you reckon? £9,128. I am sure there are contributing factors but really? Ten grand for a groin strain?

In another case heavy metal music fan is suing Newport Council for £25,000 compensation after slipping in a puddle of vomit at a whitesanke concert (imagine that vomit at a rock gig!)No actual injury but needed disinfecting (washing down to you and me).

By comparison what can you expect for combat injuries in the forces? Their website gives this as an example

Injury Tariff Level Tariff Amount % Amount Payable
Bilateral open heel fractures 11 £17,500* 100 £17,500
Open fracture of left femur 12 £11,000* 80 £8,800
Dislocation of left talus 12 £10,000 60 £6,000
Fracture of left fibula 13 £6,000 40 £2,400
Fracture of right fibula 14 £3,000 20 £600
Wound to left arm 14 £3,000 20 £600
Wound to right foot 14 £3,000 20 £600
*Including Supplementary award of £1,000 for each open fracture
Total Lump Sum Award payable                                                                                                                      £36,500

Not much for getting legs and arms blown to bits is it?
Guess we know the pen pushers priorities.