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Yep. I’m still here and still sane. Just about.

This was a post I started writing a while ago but today’s antics gave me cause to finish it. I know I’ve not ranted in a while but had to get this off my chest following the last few exercises in democracy.

When did everyone become such bad losers? How did we move from accepting (maybe grudgingly) that our party, or point of view was not the majority and dealt with it like adults, instead becoming screaming hysterical snowflakes demanding another vote, or that it simply be ignored, or for the more tin foil hat types that it must be some form of covert ploy by hitherto unseen cabals?

I grant that the last UK general election, EU referendum and now the US election have thrown up unexpected results. But so what? Since when does that mean democracy itself is broken? How does that imbue those who feel they’ve lost with some victimhood status that they can wail and scream and demand they still get their way?

More simply, what the fuck happened to people?

The ability to accept and enact public votes is one of the cornerstones of a civilised culture. By all means disagree with, work against the current decision and start campaigning for a future change. But the incessant tantrums and screams that it cannot have been a fair vote since it didn’t go their way just sound like a toddler who’s been told no sweets.

Seriously? Is that how we’re going to run things now? We can have democracy as long as democracy gives the right results?…. Or to put it another way. Suck it up snowflake.

Much internet fun to be had on twitter right now, but belies a serious topic.

Porn Tsar & MP Claire Perry responding to a clamour from Parents, voters, the Daily Mail had touted a plan to force ISPs to filter internet content according to an approved list given by the Ministry of Truth, Government.

This, of course, was all in the name of protecting the kiddies from the Tsunami of filth that lurks online ready to pounce onto unsuspecting 5 year olds and drag them off to be trafficked to BBC DJs.

Adults would be able to opt out of this censorship filtering, but further into the proposed great British firewall plan was the intention to log all search terms and report them to Governemnt agencies.

So why am I against it you surely cry? Why am I happy to sacrifice the innocents upon the alter of liberty?

Well firstly, and simply, it is bullshit. It fails on every point.

It will save exactly zero abuses. Predators do not use google to satisfy their urges. A voluntary filter will not prevent ftp traffic, emails, usb flash drives, or secure connections.

Filtering and blocking websites can be circumvented as any teenager who wishes to pirate music can tell you.

Dozy bint Perry MP conflates perfectly legal porn with images of abuse. Whether your tastes extend to looking at the Daily Mail side bar, or to tamer rude videos the fact remains they are legal. Why should a puritanical MP wheeling out moral bandwagons force you to effectively register to be able to view them? Because that info would never end up on say, a CRB check to become a teacher or foster carer would it?

The issue of child abuse does not require more law. It requires the enforcing of the ones we have. It is already a crime. What it needs is the hard work of coppers supporting to prosecute and punish properly individuals who perpetrate such acts. It is heinous and should not be equated with porn, fetishists or anything else the moral crusaders deem inappropriate on your behalf.

If you want some idea of how technologically literate Perry is, she was advised earlier this week that her own website was insecure.

Lo, and behold! the following day her site was hacked and filled with porn. Not illegal abuse images, just run of the mill smut. This was reported on the political blog Guido Fawkes. It is important to note the word reported there.

Claire Perry immediately took to twitter…

That’s right. She accused him of hosting the porn (actually it was her site doing the hosting), hacking her site, and sponsoring the attack. She then went on to try and bully him into removing the report by threatening his paid work at the Sun

As of now the allegations remain up, despite being asked to remove them. She offered no proof other than her outrage, and she has disappeared off of twitter whilst anyone having passing knowledge of a computer rips into her about not knowing her screen grabs from her hyperlinks. Following a readers poll it appears Guido has instigated legal proceedings over the allegations.

So the upshot? She has probably killed off any chance of her policy making it through. It is just a power grab on the ability to censor the net after all. even a Tory website has torn her to shreds over secret plans to exaggerate ISP success at filtering. The real responsibility for looking after children lies where it always has done. With parents. As I have remarked before, if you wouldn’t let your kids talk in the streets with a stranger, or chat on their mobile with a stranger in the dead of night, why do you think it is ok to let them do it on a computer?

Your children, your responsibility

So few last words. First up this was ISP Andrews and Arnolds response to the prospect of China like censorship of the net in the UK

and finally, apparently this may be Claire Perry MP briefing her tech team about the internet

After Phorm and Prism that we know about, do you really trust the politicians to tell you what you can read?

just don’t.
Not because of amazon per se, but because your “express” delivery will be via Yodel (previously Home delivery network, so shit they had to change their name!). Not that this is anything new!

I will share my parcels travels with you, it was purchased on the 15th for a 24hr deliver. So far so good. it made it to stockton overnight. Was put on a van and off it went. We needless to say waited in. To no avail. Didn’t expect much sunday of course, so was relieved to see it made it back on the van Monday, only to go back to the depot again with an attempt at delivery. So a 24 hr delivery sent out for delivery twice and not even attempted. Just taken back, and I’m supposed to wait for a 4th day. Yep, that was going to happen.

the tracking looks like this

15/02/2013 08:58:04 Hatfield UK Arrival Scan
16/02/2013 07:28:00 STOCKTON DEPOT Arrival Scan
16/02/2013 09:25:00 STOCKTON VAN The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van
16/02/2013 ##:##:## STOCKTON DEPOT The parcel is in the Depot
18/02/2013 09:07:00 STOCKTON VAN The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van
18/02/2013 15:57:00 STOCKTON DEPOT The parcel is in the Depot
18/02/2013 17:20:00 CUSTOMER The parcel has been delivered

You’ll note it says delivered. that is incorrect. It should say customer was so fucked off at waiting and not even getting a “sorry you were out card” that he tracked you down as they don’t publish depot phone numbers or locations, phoned their head office to check location, and then came down and got it himself. This included the fight with the sour faced care in the community harridan who insisted I needed a card your driver didn’t bother to try and deliver.

So if you are waiting for Yodel to deliver in Teesside my advice is don’t. Go to their depot and kick off. Don’t tolerate shitness. Oh and demand your delivery charge refund from Amazon, who were surprisingly helpful once you find the page where you click and they phone you back. In fact I got the refund before I got the parcel. Speaks volumes for the carrier that does.

Anyway the depot address should you need it
Yodel / Home delivery network
39 Sedgfield Way
Portrack Interchange Business Park
TS18 2SG

I found this number for them 08442480627 if I find a better one I will update.

As for Amazon, to get them to phone you back for a late item
go to
select item you are having problems with, and the type of issue. Then select “call us” – don’t panic you don’t have to. You then enter your phone number and they call you back immediately, although expect to hold on whilst an operator picks up their end.

Hope you have an easier time than I did. Got there in the end though.

300th post. Who’d have thought it would last this long eh?

I think I deserve an introspective piece as a result. A bit of self indulgent navel gazing.

There’s a piece in the Indy regarding the destruction of historically significant artifacts by religious extremists. Most recently the libraries containing ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu by Malian Islamisists, but they are just following a long and proud tradition of destroying knowledge. The Taliban were famously responsible for blowing up giant statues of Buddha, but if we go back further even Henry VIII had a good go at erasing monastic seats of knowledge.

As a person of a more scientific than religious slant it occurs to me that as a species we are just following scientific principles.

Physics and the laws of thermodynamics state that all systems tend towards an entropy maximum, where entropy represents disorder in a system. It takes work to resist entropy.

It appears that humans are hell bent on reversing the gains we have made and dragging ourselves back to an archaic level of ignorance, a maximum level of chaos and disorder. The technology we congratulate ourselves for inventing merely acting as a catalyst in a chemical reaction speeding the process of change within the system. From the AK wielding shouty nutters of sand blown disaster zones to the creationist hobbled science classes that are supposed to educate our children we are losing ground on every front.

Ultimately one of the possible end states of the universe is called the heat death of the universe. A flat uniform sea of entropy, not of any specific level, but a minimum of activity in a bland featureless void.

Perhaps we hurtle headlong into the heat death of civilisation. Sped along by hyperbole and hypocrisy, riding the back of the silicon age. Our ability to advance gradually slowing to a retreat into a moribund state of ignorance and intolerance. Forever to stagnate until nature finally takes pity and through famine, disease or the sun going nova finally puts us out of our misery.

Hopefully we can do it with the minimum of fuss and leave the cockroaches to their turn in peace.

Big news apparently!
Homophobe and unelected Bishop, son of lady Williams of Elvel, long time oil exec and product of bastions of privilege Eton and Trinity college Cambridge, Justin Welby, to become head of unelected and tax evading cult!

Of course those who claim he was elected are technically right, although despite heading an organisation that profits from centuries of tax breaks and state funding you were not offered a vote, in fact the selection panel consisted of

  • Chair – the Rt Hon the Lord Luce KG, GCVO
  • The Reverend Canon Clare Edwards, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • Mr Aiden Hargreaves-Smith – Diocese of London – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • Mr Raymond Harris, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • Professor Glynn Harrison – Diocese of Bristol – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • Mrs Mary Johnston – Diocese of London – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • Mr David Kemp, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • The Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan, Primate of The Church in Wales, elected by the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion
  • The Rt Revd James Newcome, the Bishop of Carlisle – elected by House of Bishops
  • The Very Revd Andrew Nunn – Diocese of Southwark – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • The Rt Revd Michael Perham, the Bishop of Gloucester – elected by House of Bishops
  • The Reverend Canon Mark Roberts, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • Mrs Caroline Spencer, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • The Revd Canon Peter Spiers – Diocese of Liverpool – elected by General Synod to serve as member of the Commission for a five year period
  • The Revd Canon Glyn Webster – Diocese of York – elected by General Synod to serve as members of the Commission for a five year period
  • The Right Reverend Trevor Willmott, elected from the Diocese of Canterbury by their Vacancy in See Committee
  • In addition, the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments( Ms Caroline Boddington), ), the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary (Sir Paul Britton) and the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion (Revd Canon Kenneth Kearon) are non-voting members of the Commission

In fact much the opposite; You are not permitted any say on the running of his organisation which benefits from state acquiescence on a massive scale, yet since he was appointed to the house of lords he gets to vote on acts of the house and was even appointed to Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards in 2012.
Good to know that we’re moving forward into the 21st century on the whole accountability, transparency and equality things isn’t it?

So if you ignore all fuss about the colonials getting a new warmonger in chief, and the rabid hysteria about everyone in the 1970s being a paedophile you may have noticed a little story about an MP.

Mad religious bat Nadine Dorries figures a good way to represent her constituents, she is going to jet off to Oz for a month, not on some fact finding trip or on political exchange, but to appear in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

So someone who earns £5,000 a month, plus expenses, and employs her daughter on £40K pro rata as office manager (whilst she is simultaneously studying a law degree – obviously lots of spare time there!) abandons her job for a month to pick up a £40,000 fee for appearing on tv.

Putting her constituents first there… Anyway it has earned her a suspension from the party whip (like she cares) and probably a stiff talking to when she gets back. Personally, wilfully abandoning a job for a month when you already get 82 days off seems to take the piss and should warrant a sacking, but until the electorate get powers of recall not much will happen.

But it did make me think. There is another MP famous for his attendance, or lack thereof…

Nads has voted in just over 70% of votes, some 453 out of 637, and as you would expect from a vacuous self serving publicity whore she manages to speak up a fair bit too

Lets compare that to the member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Gordon Brown.

He has managed just 90 votes out of 637, 14.1% in this parliament. He has spoken in a single debate in the last year and managed just 8 written questions in the last year — so far below average I doubt his one good eye can see it..

So even if he attended every debate between now and new year, and if we were lucky enough for Nads to stay in the jungle she would still have attended, voted and done more for her constituents that him.

Wonder when he’s going to receive his stiff talking to?

OK, harsh language warning here. Not sure I will contain my self.

Try watching this.

Pretty batshit crazy yep? All that science guff is just plain wrong apparently. All that physics shit, and biology that’s obviously wrong. Chemistry? nah don’t need it. Medicine as it is based on all sciences is just secondary bullshit for witchdoctors then. Evolution? The work of satan.

as he unequivocably states in the vid
“God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology, Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell,”

Bad enough he is destroying minds, communicating some sort of verbal pathogen that prevents conscious thought and inquiry. Bad enough that gullible people are not protected from his propaganda. But he is in fact a senator of the committee for Science and Technology. You did not read that wrong. Science and technology. The spending power of the US on matters of Science and Tech is in the hands of this fuckwit.

What next? Abu Hamza to return and be put in charge of airport security?

How can someone using a microphone, electricity and TV calmly and seriously espouse that all science is shit and we are on a ball of rock a mere 9000 years old and all put here by a being that now refuses to show himself.

Has he had a stroke or some such unfortunate incident that renders his cerebral faculties to those of a fucking badger after it’s been hit by an 18 wheeler? It can only be something like that. Earth? took just 6 days. Fossils were put there for a laugh obviously and all you engineers? you’re fucked as PI is in fact three.(1 Kings 7:23)

I love that these nutjobs laugh at evolution and the idea that traits are passed on. Wonder what he would say if Mrs Whackjob presented him a mixed race baby and claimed it’s his – just “the lord works in mysterious ways” I suspect he might ask science for a DNA test a bit fucking sharpish.

Or all that other science crap. You know the geology one that finds oil to pay for the companies that pay for his brown envelopes?

or all the bio-chemistry that provides all the drugs he’ll use to put off joining his fantastic fairly tale ever after land?

Think he’s bad? Incidentally, Broun is joined on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee by Todd Akin. He claims that women can control their own bodies in the event of being raped to stop getting pregnant by their attackers. So any baby that results is obviously one they are responsible for… and of course abortion doctors carry out the procedures on women who aren’t in fact pregnant.

Religion is like polonium 210. There is no safe level. It is all toxic to your well being and has no place in a civilised world.

How to deliver 10,000lb of diplomacy

Even now, when the memorial to the tens of thousands that died in Bomber Command finally battled through the apologist do-gooders barrage of politically correct AA, the Bomber Command Association have been left holding a bill which may see some of the 90 year old veterans who are trustees face losing their homes.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said it had made an exception to contribute more than £1.5m. Big fucking deal. That’s less than £27 per man that gave his life. Thats less than 60% of the annual budget the MoD spends on full time union staff. For an organisation where the men and women in uniform who actually risk their lives cannot even be a member of a union by law.

If MP’s used less than 7% of the amount the greedy troughing bastard ingrates claimed as expenses in the last 12 months (£89,400,000) it would have paid for the memorial in its entirety (£6m), meaning the MoD would not have had to contribute at all.

If we used less than 23% of the money we pissed away in the socialist McCartney-fest of an olympics opening ceremony (£27,000,000) it would have shown we respected the 55,573 men who gave their lives as much as Harry Potter.

These men were forgotten for over 50 years. Their sacrifice deemed unworthy in the post war hand-wringing by intelligentsia and do-gooders. Their families without a memorial to their loved ones. Make no mistake. Without them we would not have beaten tyranny. But unlike so many other services, their memories were swept under carpets, quietly ignored, and made to be a source of embarrassment instead of pride.

So instead of a few extra pints and a kebab that you intended to leave on the pavement over the weekend, how about helping 92 year old RAF Bomber Command veteran Gordon Mellor and his few surviving friends keep their homes now the bastards have dumped the bill on him?

I donated here. RAF Bomber Command Memorial Fund

The Downing Street work experience lad has been spouting off again. Apparently the wealthy need to pay a bucket more tax to solve the crippling debt the politicians caused to buy the feckless idle bastards votes.

He neglects to mention his definition of wealthy, I suspect it will not include politicians, footballers and those with millions enough to enable them to come to arrangements with the HMRC. It may I suspect include you if you inherit grannys house, or manage to scrape a living wage above the maximum state benefit level.

Want something to make it feel better? How about this. In the 25 years the Kinnocks have in the EU between them the troughing scum have pocketed £10,000,000 between them in pay and perks. Ten fucking million. They amounted to nothing except a drain on the public purse over here, so they were rewarded by being sent to the mother of all troughs to fill their piggy paws with as much tax as possible. They have contributed nothing to this world and it will be a better place without them.

Quick sums for you. £10 million over a combined 25 years, means they needed to entire tax contribution of 65 working people at the average 2011 wage (£26,052) just to keep these pampered porkers in enough swill.

Would you like to guess what “profession” their useless spawn married his way into?

Wonder why I hate politicians?

The government says so.

Ever paid cash in hand for anything? Of course you have. That little job for the garden? Or that quick plumbing fix you needed? A quick spray on the car door where you scraped it? A quick £50 and no receipt?

According to treasury Minister David Gaukes in the Telegraph

“I think it is morally wrong. It is illegal for the plumber but it is pretty implicit in those circumstances that there is a reason why there is a discount for cash. That is a large part of the hidden economy

A heinous crime apparently. However I find it morally repugnant that the cretins in Parliament lied and cheated their way into pocketing vast amounts of these taxes that someone had to actually earn. So how did he vote when we wanted to know what they were doing with our cash?

20 Apr 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Keep disclosure for MPs’ expenses — absent
20 Apr 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Exempt only correspondence — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — That the Question now be proposed – absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Continue to disclose MPs’ correspondence — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Exempt constituents’ letters only — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading — absent
18 May 2007 Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill — Third Reading absent
30 Apr 2009 MPs’ financial interests — Full and complete registration – absent
30 Apr 2009 MPs’ expenses — No lower limit for declaration – absent

Data from They Work for You and PublicWhip.Org

Curiously quiet on the subject in fact.

I’ll tell you what I find immoral. That an ex-PM shredded documents so they couldn’t be examined. That nepotism runs rife and couples exploited loopholes to pocket £10,000s of extra cash. That some of the bastards outright lied to steal more money. I could go on for ages, if you feel the need to rage then just read this.

So what else did the burbling hypocrite go on about? (and on and on to be honest…)

Where arrangements are artificial, where they are contrived, and designed for the purpose of reducing National Insurance contributions for the employer or the employee, then those artificial arrangements are such that they do constitute tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is tax avoidance

Well yes tax avoidance is tax avoidance. Obviously a genius of the English language there. What it is not is tax evasion. The two things are very different. One is illegal (evasion) , the other is organising your affairs within the law to minimise your tax burden. Given the way the morons piss it away when you do give it to them why wouldn’t you? But from his speech you would imagine that anyone who profits from helping people minimise tax are also repugnant immoral monsters, stealing vital resources from terminally ill orphans and spitting in the faces of pensioners? These worshippers at the altar of mammon such as corporate tax lawyers who help corporations avoid billions in tax.

Someone such as Rachael Gauke in fact. Wife to the aforementioned hypocitical shit spouting piss stain of a public sector leach.

So still feeling bad for paying that gardener in tenners?