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We have a new Police overlord in the socialist utopia of Teesside.

Barry Coppinger took charge as PCC following the elections in November. Surprisingly his first act was to sack the previous Chief exec of the Police Authority, Stuart Pudney. Who was brought in on £90,000 per year contract to help with the mess Cleveland found themselves in when the Chief Constable, the deputy Chief constable and the Authority Chairman were all arrested as part of investigations into corruption.

In his place he immediately appointed Ed Chicken whose vast experience as executive member for community safety at Middlesbrough council was obtained working with, surprise, surprise, Barry Coppinger.

Anyway. This week Coppinger has to meet the Cleveland Police and Crime Panel at Stockton Council. As part of this there are written submissions explaining his actions so far. You can read them here…

It’s interesting to see his reasoning. His report includes…

To consider the appointment of a Chief Executive by the Police and Crime Commissioner, further to the requirement of, Schedule 1, paragraph 9.

I actually looked this up.

It reads

Scrutiny of senior appointments

9(1)A police and crime commissioner must notify the relevant police and crime panel of each proposed appointment by the commissioner of—

(a)the commissioner’s chief executive,

What Commissioner Coppinger fails to note is that under para 10 of the same schedule

10(1)This paragraph applies if a police and crime panel is notified under paragraph 9 of a proposed senior appointment.
(2)The panel must review the proposed senior appointment.
(3)The panel must make a report to the commissioner on the proposed senior appointment.
(4)The report must include a recommendation to the police and crime commissioner as to whether or not the candidate should be appointed.

So the proposed appointment should have been scrutinised by the panels, a report delivered back to commissioner as to whether he could go ahead, and only then was he in a position to appoint his buddy. It would appear that in the first paragraph of his first report he has already broken the rules to continue in the fine Cleveland tradition of giving jobs to mates…

It will be interesting to see if the Panel hold him to account over this, given that it effectively dilutes their authority.


Following the election result on Friday 16th November, it was necessary to consider, very quickly and carefully, what staffing would be needed both to signal change, and to achieve my manifesto commitments in the context of very considerable public expectation.

No period of finding out what the Police in Cleveland actually need, but straight in with what does he need to fulfil his political agenda…

So having dismissed the Police Authority chief exec summarily, he then details the criteria upon which his Buddy was hired.

1)   Ability to complement my own experience and background.

2)   Shared values in respect of the role of the police service and its accountability to the community.

3)   Considerable experience of community safety and partnership/wider criminal justice landscape.

4)   Understanding of operating within a directly elected individual model environment.

5)   Ability to begin immediately

Obviously you can’t find these anywhere as crass as a job advert, as the post was not advertised. Given that he was appointed within days of Commissioner Coppinger taking over I find it hard to believe that anyone had anything as dull as an interview, and as has been seen already there was no scrutiny as required by the panels.

He then waxes lyrical for some time about buddy Ed’s accomplishments at Middlesbrough Council on each of the criteria. How he pioneered “talking CCTV”, how he “requires the support that this experience brings, to enable me to translate my manifesto commitments into action. I have worked with him for over 10 years and so know that we can work together successfully without risk.” – basically confessing he is not up to the job without his buddy to see him through, and is incapable of forming professional working relationships?

His last justification for Buddy Ed is very telling…

Finally it is important to explain why I felt it essential to have a person I can rely on totally, in place from day one of my term of office; even though this meant displacing the Chief Executive of the former Police Authority. I do not wish to be critical of the former post holder but the post I have filled is different, its scope is far broader. It could be argued that the former post holder could develop and adapt – but time is pressing and there was too much risk associated with that approach. I am only too well aware that I must make some very significant decisions very quickly. The budget position is pressing and a restructure is needed that matches available resources to my priorities. A plan must be produced which you expect to see in January and a Chief Constable must be recruited. I therefore felt that the course of action I took was the only practical way forward. Indeed it is a very common approach taken by politicians entering office at a senior level.

Or to you and me, I wanted my buddy in the job regardless of the previous holder, and wanted it done fast so no-one could argue.

Commissioner Coppinger has already been criticised int he press for this action, but he defended this stating

all contracts would be honoured and pledged there would be no “net cost increase” to taxpayers linked to the appointment of Mr Chicken.

Really? So taxpayers aren’t continuing to pay Mr Pudneys contract which he is rightly entitled to? Or we aren’t paying the taxes to Middlesbrough Council to cover Buddy Ed’s wages whilst on secondment? Or are Middlesbrough council simply doing without an executive member for community safety whilst Buddy Ed is away? Because if they can manage without him for that long, you have to question whether they actually need one at all?

So is he really justified?

Was the previous Chief exec really unsuited for the role?

Stuart Pudney has been chief executive of North Yorkshire, he’d also worked in trading standards and according to the Authority he brought “a wealth of experience in regulatory services, the police and local government”. Considering he was already in position, and continues to be paid by Cleveland Police we can assume he was ready to start work.

So it would appear that that only one of Commissioner Coppingers criteria that he may fail on is

“Ability to complement my own experience and background”

Or in other words, Commissioner Coppinger was not prepared to work with him.

So, back to the report. The commissioner finishes with a flourish…

The role of PCC is designed to be decisive, to cut bureaucracy, and to provide clear accountability. I believe that my actions have demonstrated this

If by that he means take decisions without correct oversight or process, hire cronies over qualified and experienced personnel without proper appointment processes and generally wallow in the mire of corruption and malfeasance that Cleveland Police Senior levels seem determined to cover themselves in.

Could be an interesting first meeting. It should be. I’m guessing it won’t be though.

OK, so whilst having the utmost respect for the nasty and necessary job the boys in blue do, it is no secret that my opinion of the leadership of Cleveland Police is along the lines of corrupt Keystone Cops.

So this week the local Judiciary have been joining in the fray!

First up, the Deupty Chief Constable suspended on full pay now for over 12 months has a good whine about how tough it has been being on bail for corruption. Never mind the fact that plenty of people are remanded in jail and then found innocent. Oh no he has it far worse. he had to cope with a level shame, no doubt brought about by the 7 allegation of fraud and corruption he is facing as part of an investigation being led by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Then a local judge says “It takes courage to burgle someone’s home”. (Obviously in future now home-owners are getting tooled up it may well do…)

Judge Peter Bowers decided that Richard Rochford, 26, had been “harmed by prison” and “I think prison very rarely does anybody any good,”

Why is this cretin allowed to sit on a judges bench? What sort of imbecile gets to decide, or what evidence is he blackmailing someone with to keep this job?

In case you think it is all a misunderstanding. Apparently the liitle darling was “harmed” when he acquired a drug habit (not his own fault naturally) whilst serving 3 years for arson and reckless and possible endangerment of life. Not of an empty building but of his girlfriend, Helen Wards house at the time (who was thick enough to take him back). they have of course since shit out some spawn which in due course will no doubt become the proud owner of an ASBO, drug habit, criminal record and more benefits than you and I can name. Again the arson was a misunderstanding according to the dumb bint. As she says “I knew there was absolutely no way he would do it”. Apart from soaking the place in petrol and lighting a paper then dropping it in aforementioned petrol that is…

That relationship was so successful that it was a different woman Amy Kyme who stood lookout for him whilst committing a string of burglaries. Just shows what good judge of character these stupid women are. Her brief Peter Wishlade, defended her by saying she had no previous convictions, said she was “distinctly remorseful” and unlikely to end up in court again. No doubt because despite already having one child in her care, and and managing to be spawning again she went on a burgalry spree and developed a drug habit, obviously making her a reliable character?

Why bother? If you are scum enough and laugh at the law there are little if any repercussions. Better if you catch a burglar to do us all a favour and shoot them, and don’t aim for the legs.

This idiot of a judge has even made me inclined to agree with a politician, although I suspect his version of self defence and mine may differ by quite a bit.. After agreeing with a politician I feel soiled and degraded and need a shower.

North Korea and China must be kicking themselves. All the time, effort and money on censoring the internet and combating twitter. Turns out all you need is some faux outrage caused by a supposedly free media about someone goading an Olympic athlete

Tom Daley, photogenic media darling of the British Olympic team didn’t win. Apparently the media seem to think that the gold was his by rights I think. Anyway, someone known as ‘Rileyy69’ hit twitter and said: “You let your dad down i hope you know that.”

Now bear in mind Daley lost his father last year and is 17. Upsetting? Certainly. Likely to offend? Almost certainly. But worthy of a police investigation, resources and an arrest? Really? Is there really a need to hunt down each and every comment that may cause offense on the internet? Daley is a public figure. He participates in events that he knew would attract media attention. If it comes as a shock that there may be some people willing to wind him up then how the hell did he survive a playground as a kid? Will we be issuing extradition requests for anyone on the internet in foreign countries who say something the Daily Mail finds offensive? When is everyone just going to grow up and get over it?

Meanwhile, some G4S drone spits at and verbally abuses a soldier who is made to cancel leave and fill in for the great cluster fuck that is G4S by doing their job for them, not so much as a caution so far for what is certainly common assault, and possibly worse.

The internet is dying on it’s arse. Enjoy it while you can before it the likes of the drug fueled Menschotron are able to get their way

Therapy session for me this.

Took Mrs Spider to an art installation at Dunstanburgh Castle last night, great place and interesting piece. Poetry and Art. Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Spider? Poetry? Culture? You never knew did you? (Some pics here if you’re interested)

Anyway. What put a little bit of a dampner on the evening was during the drive home. Well after midnight, no traffic, plodding along in my old wagon past Newcastle when someone decide to chuck a rock at us from a bridge.

Close shave

Missed my windscreen and Mrs Spider by about 2 feet. Or to put it another way (rough maths at 65mph) about 0.02 secs earlier and they would have killed or seriously injured someone.

I’ve no idea why. To be honest I really don’t fucking care. As far as I am concerned someone tried to kill Mrs Spider.

The Police were quick to the scene, no chance of catching anyone mind you once 2 sets of blue disco lights had turned up. But made all the right noises. Apparently they don’t have a history of this problem. Or maybe the fuckers have never managed to hit a car before.

So two things struck me (pardon the pun). One, I am really capable of wanting someone dead. It comes a quite a shock when you really do want it to happen. Not necessarily hurt. Just dead. Ended. No longer a threat to anyone. Anyone who considers this sport is defective and if it were a dog you would have it put down without a second thought. Instead an army of do-gooding shit-stains with guilt issues of their own lay in waiting to make excuses that he wasn’t breast fed enough, or maybe one of his numerous temporary bastard inducing fathers wouldn’t buy him shiny enough trainers. Don’t care. They need to be turned into fertiliser before they hurt someone who isn’t a similar waste of O2. Probably do the planet some good if anyone sharing more than a passing genetic link was as well.

The other thing is how fragile things are and we rarely consider it. I’m glad we had a great evening to balance the event or I really would be a spitting ball of anger still. An hour or so playing with the photos from last night helps you realise which part of the evening was important and you should make memories of. The other should be relegated to that passing thought that occurs to you when hopefully you read about the fuckers being thrown off a similar bridge to meet a sharp and hopefully not too painless end.

0.02 secs. Not much is it? If this provokes anything in you. Let it be a resolution to do something nice with a loved one, and if you see some little shit on a bridge with a rock, maybe mount the pavement briefly. Both make the world a better place.

Cleveland Police just can’t seem to get anything right can they? Chief constable suspended. deputy suspended, head of the Police Authority had to resign and now this…

Gist of the story. Chap and his missus have a row in the garden. 19 coppers storm house, drag him from shower CS gas him and beat the crap out of him including repeated head strikes with a baton. (The fact his wifes ex-husband is a copper on surprise, surprise, Cleveland Police has nothing to do with it obviously). They continue to prosecute him and he is found innocent of every charge they can think of.

They are later forced to pay out a five figure sum in an out of court settlement rather than go to court for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution, and by they I mean in fact we the tax payers.

The only police to face a disciplinary is a PC who failed to turn up for the trial and went on holiday instead who got a slight bollocking.

I want to be able to support the police I really do. They do a vital and difficult job under tough conditions. But the local force seems to be some sort of cross between the Wire and Life on Mars. Until they are held to at least the same standards we expect of everyone else how do they expect us to think of them?

Is Cleveland police the most inept or corrupt in the UK? The force that gave us Ray Mallon this week had a former officer clearing his name after himself being wrongfully arrested and convicted, (or “framed” in the colloquial). It cost the taxpayers nearly a million in a payout to him, yet not a single officer was disciplined as no-one was found guilty of misconduct. Surely these two rulings cannot both be true?

Although it could be said that the force is lead from the top given that both the Chief and deputy Chief constables are on suspension since last year (paid naturally) under investigation for corruption, although he still manages to do his best to keep local restaurants going with his expenses.

The culture appears pervasive. In 2010 Cleveland had the highest numbers of police officers suspended in the North despite having a third of the total officers of Northumbria. The majority allowed to resign or leave the force, ensuring that no criminal record of their behaviour follows them, and of course they keep the tax payer funded pensions.

With a reputation in the gutter, only making it harder for the good officers to do difficult jobs perhaps the time has come for it to be wound up and run from North Yorkshire or Durham? Sometimes it’s the barrel that makes the apples rotten, especially when so many seem to go bad…

Quick post following a piece on the Beeb

Should Police officers accused of misconduct be allowed to resign and avoid the proceedings?

Tricky one really. In this era of frugal penny pinching I can understand the accountants wanting them off the books and avoid the cost in terms of monet, manpower and time of the investigation.

However, given the nature of the powers entrusted to them, and the very nature of a misconduct charge what price do you put on justice?

Contrary to what you may think I support the Police. it is an incredibly difficult role which they are destined to be criticised in. If for no other reason than you are always having a bad day when you interact with them. Either as victim or perp. So never a welcome sight really, however The Peelian Principles which I quite like give a good guide to the way forward…

…The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.
…Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.
….The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.

So basically, it is not for the Police to decide upon the law but to adminster if justly and impartially, maintaining the publics support by rigid adherence to it.

I’m fairly sure it doesn’t say if it looks like the personnel dept might have a problem making it stick how about we just let him walk so we can offload him to another police force… The best leadership is by example. How do they expect anyone to take the rules seriously if they cannot enforce their own?

Final point. The article wheels out the usual ACPO spokesman. I was surprised to learn given the power that organisation appears to wield that it is not a public body. It does not answer to any elected person or organisation. Rather it is run by…

A team of directors manage the work of the Association of Chief Police Officers. The directors are responsible for the corporate governance of ACPO as a company limited by guarantee.


ACPO leads and coordinates the direction and development of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In times of national need ACPO, on behalf of all chief officers, coordinates the strategic policing response.

Hang on. So effectively a union for senior police officers, that works ontheir behalf not ours, very nearly gets to write it’s own rules (under the guise of guidance?) on how the law is applied? No conflict there then! why not just go the whole hog and roll up a trouser leg and have a funny handshake…

The Grauniad today carries piece on Dale Farm, and a letter from the UN pleading on their behalf for Dawkins sake.

A little background and a disclaimer first. I grew up in the area so know it fairly well and think it has gone downhill fast. The site goes back to the 70’s when local authorities were obliged to provide pitches for so-called travellers. It provided the infra-structure and planning permission for 40 families. Since then land adjacent has been bought up and settled by around 100 extra families without planning permission.

Around a decade ago they were first served with notice. The local authority have persued this through every stage of legal process (albeit interminably slowly) and finally served notice of eviction which expired 2 days ago.

The Un apparently:

 has expressed deep regret at the determination of a local authority to proceed with the eviction of 86 families from the farm

What the fuck? The UN? Do they really have so little to do they have time for this? Because if so I can send them a nice list of atrocities around the world they can spend some time on. These parasites knew what they were doing was illegal. They have flaunted the law in building on green belt. They have settled in an area where some residents cannot even get planning permission to convert an exisitng garage but reckon they can just build and settle wherever they want regardless of others.

They are not a persecuted minority. They have been offered alternate accomodation, they are in receipt of benefits, they make full use of schools and the NHS. Yet they contribute nothing to a society they are happy to take from.

Their only contributions to the surrounding community are litter, noise, crime and threatening behaviour. This is not some form of peace camp. To the bleeding heart do-gooders who are not even on talking terms with the real world I suggest you offer them some of your land and not inconsiderable wealth because the rest of us who obey the law are sick and tired of it.

I am so bored with hearing that yet another lentil munching apologist has offered to “”broker” for them. Stop it. Just stop it all now. If any other person was to flout the law in this manner they would have been hauled off in cuffs. The law has run it’s course no matter what Vanessa “result of nepotism ” bloody Redgrave thinks. Someone got 18 months last week for stealing a £30 bin. This blight are costing taxpayers millions in refusing to obey the law. Lets have some parity.

The law should be blind. It should not care whether you are white, coloured, religious, atheist or gypsy/non-travelling traveller. If it becomes one law (or lack thereof) for them and one for us, then the UN might just have a just cause. Until then they should wind their neck in and do something useful like find Gadaffi.

No, not the new magician on ITV. But the ongoing debacle of “phone tapping”. I’ve avoided it so far because to be frank it seems a bit of a storm in a pisspot mainly. So an investigator listened in to some boring Z-list celebs phone sex messages. Really? How interesting, please tell me more, no it’s ok i yawn when really excited…..

Notwithstanding the cases of intefering with police investigations such as the Dowlers and London bombing victims which should be covered under laws concerning.. you guessed it “intefering with police investigations” it seems opportune that this case covers the news outlets whilst…

The head of the Met resigns claiming his “integrity intact” despite taking a £12,000 freebie luxury spa stay bung. What else does he view as legitimate to accept? If an ordinary officer were to accept £12,000 in cash would that be ok too? Because I fail to see any difference

Yates of the Yard jumps rather than get the push as it is discovered that he got friends daughters jobs. It also transpires that the friend of course worked for news international previously. if only we could all help friends as much…except it’s called nepotism and it’s illegal in public office.

Not to mention hardly anyone has notice that Europe is about to implode again and take even more of our cash that we haven’t got. So in effect we have to borrow even more money to pay of debts for countries like Greece and Italy because they borrowed money they couldn’t afford to distract their voters with shiny pensions and Olympic stadiums.

And of course, in case you hadn’t noticed there are 2 conflicts our forces are fighting and dying in (another name released yesterday – try finding that in your paper) whilst simaltaneously being told that there will be more redundancies and cuts whilst also having to listen to a PM rationalising giving even more money we need to borrow away in overseas aid.

But it’s ok. Because they got to make Murdoch Snr and Jnr squirm a little. The same media mogul that was feted by Brown, and Blair before him. The same clique that Mandlehoon still sucks up to at clandestine meetings. But because he swapped sides for a bit he’s now the enemy.

And ultimately who’s to blame? Who gives Murdoch power over politicians and made phone hacking lucrative for his organisation?

The 7,500,000 people that read his rag. The same people that click “like” in faux rage for facebook campaigns to boycott his empire, but still wanted to read the “inside scoop” or the “exclusive” on some plastic faced celeb slappers latest shennanigans with some talentless boy band member, all with tits on page 3 and sex ads in the sports pages. In short, the public. You demanded it, he supplied it. No-one asked how. And you really think the other papers aren’t doing the same?

Wilful Blindness indeed.

Bit late to the game on this one, but another stunning example of Durham Firearms excellent judgement calls. With clay pigeon shooters, rifle shooters, hunters and airsofters all bending over backwards to meet stringent requirements and stop their pastimes going the way of other Olympic sports such as pistol shooting we get fools such as Stephen Thompson of Darlingtons Army Surplus Store with illegal weapons and ammunition tucked up in his safe. After all, running an army surplus store is not like it would attract gun nuts at all would it?

So despite Parliament mandating a minimum 5 year sentence for illegal possesion of a firemarm, a statutory crime, and notwithstanding the fact that it was a The Tariq semi-automatic 9mm weapon which cannot be owned legally in the UK by a civilian under any circumstances, and that it was found next two stun guns, a pepper spray and three knuckle dusters; Depsite all that, Durham firearms went into bat for him providing references despite the fact they were also prosecuting him.

Why bother? Why did they bother to waste man hours and tax payers cash to prosecute a crime if they thought the perp shold be let off since he was such a nice bloke and as the Judge said;

“he believed the gun would never have fallen into the wrong hands”

Well that’s all right then. As long as it won’t fall into the wrong hands it’s ok. Can I have an AK47 if I promise not to put it into the wrong hands? For instance, giving it to someone convicted of laundering over £10,000 of stolen MOD property and keeping prohibited weapons?

In case they’ve forgotten, even Sir Bob Peel reckoned 2 of the principles for a successful police force should be;

Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law….

Police should always direct their action strictly towards their functions, and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary….

The law should be the law. The Police are there to enforce it, not decide who they would like to apply it to.

Before anyone comments, yes I had shopped there in the past. I won’t be again.